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Need advice on initail set up

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Need advice on initail set up

Post by maare on Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:14 pm

Ok, since I am really new to this, I need help in my starting set. I was going to call a local flower show to grab a spot this weekend but chickened out Crying or Very sad , I feel very inadequate since I only have a basic snazaroo pallet. I see all these full face paint designs that I know I can do but don't have half of what I need to do them. BUT, I don't have 2-300 spare dollars to plop down on a great set. (even though I am dying to just buy it all!) I need some advice on what would be a good starting point for getting in a couple of gigs at say a craft fair. I'd like to add some more than just the basics. Also, does price really reflect the product here? Snazaroo is all I have because thats what my A.C. Moore carried. I don't feel the colors stay on very long. would love to try some others but i am always unsure when I go to order what I should try. Any help/advice here would be greatly appreciated Very Happy


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Re: Need advice on initail set up

Post by cattsy on Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:00 pm


What I did was I bought two of the Paradise starter palettes, I got the basic and the pastel. they each have 8 colors and were enough to get me through my first couple gigs and make some money to buy more paint Smile


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Re: Need advice on initail set up

Post by PerfectlyPaintedFaces on Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:18 pm

Definitely invest in a few one-stroke cakes. They dazzle the crowds, and it's very easy to whip out quick designs with them.

Here are some in the forum shop: http://www.facepaintforumshop.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1848

Personally, I'd recommend at least getting a rainbow and unicorn cake to start off.

There are tons of awesome resources on this forum comparing different brands. My favourites are:
- WolfeFX or DiamondFX black and white for line work
- TAG for everything else

To easily search the forum, use google.

Just type in:
site:facepaintforum.com what you're searching for

Good luck! Smile

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Re: Need advice on initail set up

Post by 1HappyNut on Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:32 pm

There are lots of people that use only Snaz and are really happy doing so.
If you have enough colours, some white holographic glitter, and a few trusty brushes, you are set.
The rest is just extra when you are starting out. It is something to work towards though, as it can really enhance your designs. A rainbow cake 1-stroke, as mentioned, while not essential to do your first gig, can definitely impress the crowd. And unicorn is really nice, but petal might be my other favorite (as a nice background). Some glitter gel (click HERE for glitter gel) is a nice addition too, but loose glitter (click HERE for loose white glitter) is a must-have first.
Make a wish-list of what you think you might want to work towards, create a budget and then prioritize your wish list. Chip away at it in chunks as you go.
And definitely check out the site for product reviews, etc. One of my faves:
click HERE for Tag 1-stroke swipes
Have fun building your kit!

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Re: Need advice on initail set up

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