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short vent W/solution!!

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short vent W/solution!!

Post by anniel on Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:04 pm

OK, it's been a super challenging past few months, financially & otherwise. Additonally, our only vehicle gave up the ghost. Today I got an e-mail from a complete stranger for an elementary school in a wealthy area requesting that I donate a gig for their school's fund-raising silent auction. If I'd like, I "can also invest in advertising in their promotional flyer", for an outrageous amount! (Lucky me!) I wanted to vent, but replied that "perhaps she would consider purchasing a gift certificate & I would be happy to work the winning bidder into my schedule". Oh, and "if she would like promotional photos to advertise her generous gift", I could provide them. I finally have a concrete way formulated to reply to these!!

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