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My New portable kit

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My New portable kit

Post by bemusedart on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:31 am

I found a real cool deal on some of the snaz pallettes on clearance at my local Michaels and repotted them into a rectangle divided container I got at the Container Store awhile back. This box already had a few scraps from my previous snaz sets and from cutting my my DFX paints. It is not pretty, but it is functional.

I had one section free and one of the sponges I had cut from the cushion I got at Joann's last week fit in there perfectly, but is a bit tall for it. So I got 2 of the eleastic hair bands I had in my kit for dealing with bangs and wrapped it around the box to hold it closed. Then I slipped 3 brushes into the bands on top of the box.

I just need to find the small spritz bottle I used to use for my portable watercolor kit and it is perfect. Until then, I always have a bottle of water in my purse.

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