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How do you handle INDECISIVENESS? or wait I change my mind....

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Re: How do you handle INDECISIVENESS? or wait I change my mind....

Post by Peppermint_Mill on Wed May 09, 2012 11:52 pm

I'll try the countdown! I did the switch once when a little girl couldn't make up her mind and it was a disaster! Mid way through painting the second girl, the first girl started crying because I made her swap with the girl who knew what she wanted. The girl I was painting was her friend so she started crying too! All the paint under her eyes started coming off. I now can't paint either girl because they were both crying so hard. Goodness!

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Re: How do you handle INDECISIVENESS? or wait I change my mind....

Post by Affordable Face Magic on Thu May 10, 2012 12:32 am

Aussie Marie, thanks for starting this thread. Hope it helped you as much as it did the rest of us.Tonight I went w/my steady gig, the party place to a PTA meeting. There was another new, local business called "The Lab" (science experiments...I gave 'em my card!). We all were there to promote our business. I think I painted 30 kids in 1 Hr & 15 minutes.After 3 full butterflies, I switched to half faces. Thank God a girl asked for a frog on her arm. I added some quick flowers around it & did about 7 of those. Snakes/embellished rainbows/partial puppy faces/flowers n vines...you know the drill. Thanks to this thread, I had the next child deciding what they wanted. Shannon...you're right! All it took was VERY nicely asking one child to stand back up while I painted the next in line. I told them we were a team & we needed to get all their schoolmates painted. TA-DA. Dinner w/hubby & a glass of wine after. Very Happy
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