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Confession: I don't like to paint my face...

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Re: Confession: I don't like to paint my face...

Post by Ashley Pickin on Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:34 pm

photomomma6 wrote:Okay, yesterday I painted myself for my sample book (and a new avatar), and does anyone else find this happening...? My skin for some reason isn't quite tight anymore! I actually had to hold on to my eyelid skin so it wouldn't move around!! What's wrong with me??? Did the skin monster come and stretch out my skin while I was sleeping?? I remember watching my mom put on her eyeliner in the mirror and having to hold her eyelid skin taught while applying it...never thought that day would come. I'm only 41. Sheesh!

I'm 24, pretty wrinkle free, and I ALWAYS have to hold my skin taught while I paint... it's because I don't use a lot of water in my paint(because I use Wolfe mostly) and to get a straight line you have to keep your skin tight so that the brush doesn't drag and skip along the skin.

So don't feel alone, I'm annoyed by it as well! Mad
Ashley Pickin

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