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T-mobile users...Saturday only..."free" tablet

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T-mobile users...Saturday only..."free" tablet

Post by Denise Cold on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:45 pm

Our son told us they were having a screaming deal on smart phones and we've been thinking about it for being able to take credit card's at PPF and at parties...anyway. Went in there to get a smart phone and ended up with a tablet.

It was $300 with a $400 rebate, plus I had to sign up for a data plan of $20 a month unlimited. Another plus is the tablet acts as a WiFi spot so Jeff can use the internet when he's near me too.

Like I said, the smart phones were on sale too. I almost ended up with one of those but chose to just get a new plain phone for my cell number and use the upgrade for the tablet.

I like the idea of storing my designs on there and being able to show off and look up designs on the spot. My biggest fear is having it lifted so I'd have to keep it stored when not in use...but it does fit in my purse.

We should be getting all the money back that we spent today in about a month.

One cool little thing too. I have my appointments in Google calendar and I can log in, see the address and use the table to GPS the address from there. I started playing but I'm already having fun.

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