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Things just aren't like they used to be...

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Re: Things just aren't like they used to be...

Post by ARTSY LADY on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:49 am

Hi Jessica I read your post and instantly said to my self " oh my god we can post these types of problems here" awsome! Everyone here is darn nice like a big happy family all these women have given you great advice. I would like to give you my personal advice in hopes that your relationship works for the best. I too have been in your steps I had my daughter and soon after all he'll broke lose mind you not I was only 19 and he was already 26. FYI I never liked young Guys anywho sometimes because we as women take care of the kids, house and our day job. We get flustered and there is a point where we can't take all the duties that's when our attitude and lack of patience show up. Try to give your self the time you deserve as well and realease stress and maybe then you will see that it's not only him bickering. Talking out of experience. once u have had a child from a man it's extremely hard to move on and find another guy. Hope this helps. Oh and try to stay cheered up being in post partum depression is HORRIBLE also been there I use to starve myself and cry myself to sleep. Be happy about your new baby

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