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While on vaca

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While on vaca

Post by billiebcc on Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:41 pm

My husband's family is from the U.P. of MI, near the Sault. (yes we pronounce it Soo.) Anyway we were camping near Crystal Falls and then had an anniversary party in Kinross so we were booking from WI, we are in the SW corner of the state. It was a looonng drive with two little ones. Half way there my daughter starts saying her back hurts and then her stomach hurts. Then her eyes start rolling in the back of her head. SO we try to find a hospital. Holy crap that's hard to do in MI on MI-28. We were lucky to find one in Munising. We think she had a bout of pneumonia again-she just got over one less than 30 days ago. It was a long night in the E.R. We had my 7 year son with as well. Plus we are from out of state and had nowhere to go. So the E.R. nurse set us up in an OB room. I had complimented her on her Henna and her hair tinsel and it turns out she is a lurker, (Not a member yet) on the forum. How freaky is that?
So while my daughter is trying to be a brave soul we are twittering about face painting. It also turns out DD level of potassium was low so we had to wait for another infusion of a K+ Iv as well.
Our credit card number ALSO got swiped at the Munising gas station so it's been a long week. No No No No No

DD has a follow up with her asthma specialist on Tuesday to figure out what's going on and I'm hoping to scrap together enough to get some glitter tat supplies for my next gig in the Dells.
To say this vacation has been stressful would be to put it lightly. No

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Re: While on vaca

Post by Miss Ronnie on Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:04 pm

Thank God your daughter is okay! You poor dears! Here's to wishing you can soon have a vacation to help you recover from your vacation!!!! I love you

... And how cool that you met a lurker, too! Laughing
Miss Ronnie

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