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Tiny FAB containers vs Big Wolfe palette- SOLUTION!

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Tiny FAB containers vs Big Wolfe palette- SOLUTION!

Post by KirstenJ on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:37 pm

Hey all!

I'm sure several of you have had this dilemma before, so I wanted to share my solution with you! Very Happy

I have those little 16gm sized FAB cakes and no place to keep them... I also have a large Wolfe palette with the foam inserts. I did not buy the palette with paint in it, so I have 3 empty spaces where I can put paint into. What was my solution? I got the idea the night of Brian Wolfe's Paint-a-thon. I was watching Nick Wolfe paint, and he had a palette of full sized Wolfe split cakes that he put together- genius! What a great way to save space! So I decided to try it out myself-

I took some empty Wolfe-sized 30gm cakes, and split my FAB paint into the cakes! Why not, hm? It took a little over half of the FAB cakes to fill half of the Wolfe cake. I also had some tiny containers of Kryolan Interferenze Opal, and Narce- so I used those too!

Here are my new split cakes! They are a little rough looking, as I have never made a split cake in my life. Embarassed lol We have-

Like a Star @ heaven LEFT- FAB London Sky Shimmer with FAB Purple Shimmer
Like a Star @ heaven MIDDLE- 3/4 Kryolan Interferenze Opal with 1/4 Kryolan Interferenze Narce
Like a Star @ heaven RIGHT- FAB Silver with FAB Copper


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