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Hi from IOWA

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Hi from IOWA

Post by twobeesdesigns on Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:47 am

New to the forums, but anxious and excited to get started, and learn more tips and tricks of the trade, so to speak.

I've been doing facepainting for now, this is my second year doing it, and actually making $ at it! I've been told I charge too little for the designs I do, so anxious to get some advice on that. Currently I charge for PPF around: $3-5, $6-8, $10-12...but really wishing I could get something that sticks, and not outsell myself and my talent!

I'm needing some advice on what to charge per hour, for festivals and events, who want to pay me out right. I'm lost when it comes to that - - so if anyone has some suggestions, shoot me a message (thanks in advance).

So far, I've only done area fairs and festivals - but I'm starting to open myself up to the possibilities of doing school carnivals, farmers markets, and what not - - but kind of don't know how to go about doing it. This is where I'd need some help/advice on how to market and advertise! Again, email me if you've got some ideas!

Lastly, I guess I'm using okay product. I used the Tulip brand pots - a bit pricey per pot (or maybe it's just me, but $7 a pot seems a bit high). If anyone has suggestions on product too, plese send 'em my way!

Other than that, I'm a Mommy of a beautiful little girl, Berlynne = my company is named Two Bees Designs (after my name: Becky and her name = two b's). I am also a photographer by some act of God-given talent, not my own! Wink And I do design work, as well as work a day job for Christian retail!

I'm super happy to have found this forum, and looking forward to chattin' it up with others in the business - both wise, and newbies!

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Re: Hi from IOWA

Post by fesspenter on Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:20 pm

Welcome to the Forum, twobeesdesigns!

I highly recommend the TAG, Diamond F/X, or Wolfe in the Face Paint Forum Shop. Metina is SO fast in delivering the product. I use Wolfe for my line work, and TAG and DF/X for the base work. The products may seem to be more expensive... they really last.
Look on the Forum for other painters in your area. Meet with them. Jam with them. Ask questions. Go in together to buy face paint to share shipping, or one buys one color, the other painter buys a second color, split them and you get two colors for the price of one.

Happy Painting!

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Re: Hi from IOWA

Post by mamakatrien on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:51 am

it is true, the paints really last long so they are well worth the price.

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Re: Hi from IOWA

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