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Haunted Homecoming-help!

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Haunted Homecoming-help!

Post by amylady222 on Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:25 pm

SO this years theme at our high school is Haunted Homecomeing--I thought was pretty cool.

I am going to do the following--please let me know if you have any more suggestions.

We live is a small town, So most of the town shows up to the events.

I am going to volunteer my painting for the daughters classes (1st grade and Pre-school) for the homecoming parade (I know Preschool will be spiders/spiderman, still waiting to hear what 1st grade chooses).

Then for the football game I am offereing a "Monster face" for the football game. I think that it would be cool if our side of the sidelines is "haunted". I was going to do $5 faces (mostly masks) of some of the more famous monsters---werewolf, mummy, vampire, Skull, ghost (any other suggestions)

I wasn't planning on anything for the pep rally since they are so crazy and I want to enjoy one thing with my kids.

For the actual Homecoming Dance I would going to offer a "Couples Painting" either at the Dance, or before (still gotta check with the powers to be) for about $15 a couple (We live in a very rural (poor) area)--I was thinking of something like Monster High faces for the girls--so they still look glammed up!"

SO while we have the contest going on--I am kind of piggy backing off of it... Do you have any pictures that would work for Haunted Homecoming? I would love to see your ideas and "steal" a few of them while I am still learning my style.

Thank you!

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Re: Haunted Homecoming-help!

Post by Tineke on Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:24 pm

what age are we talking about?

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