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Is anyone airbrush face painting?

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Re: Is anyone airbrush face painting?

Post by VictoriaS on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:09 pm

anniel wrote:I had an airbrush years ago (Iwata) and finally just gave it away as I was too unfocused to put it back together after cleaning it...(short attention span?!).

Looking at the G2....gosh, if you don't have to clean it...kind of rethinking the airbrush thingy. Any thoughts?

The G2 has to get cleaned every so often. It's easier than a regular airbrush, but you still have to clean and maintain it. There are advantages and disadvantages. I have a smaller kit because of it which I love.

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Re: Is anyone airbrush face painting?

Post by anniel on Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:48 am

Thank you!

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Re: Is anyone airbrush face painting?

Post by Sweet Loretta on Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:26 pm

We are in the processing of painting and photoing our basic airbrush face art. I have been booking models all week. Like any face painting the possibilities are endless so we could never paint all that is in our heads! My artists use both preset stencil designs, and make up their own. I do too, and am doing more and more freehand face art.

I do some hot summer multi-day festivals and this year will really (again) be using my airbrush for face art much more. I moved away from it for a few years but these events just scream for more ump in makeup staying power and airbrush gives us that. Now that their are preset stencil designs for the face and actual airbrush makeup it is so much easier!

There are many good brands. I use VIBE and ProAiir, which too I love. And am back to using Kryolan Airstream, such wonderful makeup. All the brands have their place and Graftobian and Mehron Liquid should not be overlooked.

The reality is every airbrush makeup has a base which will evaporate. Alcohol makeups many note flow better but it is really about feeling the makeup in the environment you are working in. How XX sprays in studio vs an outside spring event vs a hot summer dirty music festival may vary. And one may need to adjust the makeup and working style to have the best flow.

All makeup can clog and if you are good enough and dial into the makeup and your working style you can avoid that issue. How the makeup is in your brush comes then to cleaning. In choosing a makeup understand they clean out of the brushes differently. Some stay nicely wet and make an easy cleanup, some dry gummy and some harden.

If you are just doing basic airbrush face painting then do not use and alcohol based makeup (meant to last for days). Those makeups are best saved for sfx work, cosplay, and costume play and the occasional concert or rave/dance/nightclub use.

It is all in the learning curve and how much practice you put in....which means I have to finish my tea and be off my studio needs attention....I swear the paints have a party in their at night and they think I am the maid!
Sweet Loretta

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Re: Is anyone airbrush face painting?

Post by monna on Sun May 31, 2015 8:38 am

I am just learning and liking the proaiir and diips.. am following this conversation...need to know a whole lot more! Thanks

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Re: Is anyone airbrush face painting?

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