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Post by FUNtasy on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:36 pm

I just started to paint 4 months ago, thank to all the advice and tips that I found in this forum I have being feeling confident to solve situations and go out and paint paint and paint, I am happy that I have not lost any money and so far I keep having events every week.
I decide to write this topic as a way to thank this forum for such amazing help.
I want to mention that some of those tips have being posted in the forum for other face painters that have much more experience I am just sharing what works for me

Tips that work great for me are:

Display your designs in template faces (no pictures) that way the kids are not expecting to look exactly the same as the picture.
I have being charging a reasonable rate at private parties that way I get a lot of experience and I can be able to take my time to do my best job and leave my customers happy. I might not do a high profit but at least I am not losing money; I called it, my pay training.
Don't forget your camera to take pictures at this events since usually for me birthday parties is where I get the best designs and the best pictures, (no rush)
Practice your designs as many times as you need at home, that way the design is in your memory when you need it.
If you don't have anybody to paint, paint the template faces, is not the same but when you have your real model is easier
I use chalk for the base and watercolor for the lines in my template face, for me has being and amazing tool.
Always bring your business cards with you
So far I have not paint for free.. I charge at least the non-profit fee to cover my expenses

Hope this is useful for those that like me don't know how to start
Have a FUN day jocolor

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Post by Lacey's Faces on Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:36 pm

Congratulations on your business taking off! That's so exciting.
I too started my business about 4 months ago and it's been picking up a lot.
It feels so good to have people WANT your work and rave about it.

This forum helped me a ton as well to get on the right track.
Lacey's Faces

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Post by Kammy on Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:38 pm

Hi and welcome! Your tips are great, thanks for sharing. Maybe people could add their own favourite "essential" ideas so that those of us who are new can benefit from others' experience?

I'm a very, very new face painter - been painting for about 2 weeks! - but only planned on being a hobbyist mama, painting my little boy and maybe any of his friends who were visiting and wanted it. Somehow, though, I've accidentally ended up with a couple of gigs (one party, one fundraiser) who've asked me to provide face painting! It's really odd how it's turned out.

I'm so glad your business is blooming, Funtasy. You too, Lacey! It makes my day when good things are happening to people, even when it's not me. Smile

Kammy x

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