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Pink spider girl beat the neon butterfly!

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Pink spider girl beat the neon butterfly!

Post by eva on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:59 pm

Last Saturday I did an event for chic-fil-a. Unlimited kids for 2 hours. I cut my selection from 40 to 9. I put a half face pink spider girl up, and it won 10-1! I only painted 2 neon butterflies the whole event. I love his for two reasons. 1- it mixes things up and 2- the pink is obviously cheaper then the rainbow. I was inspired by a photo on google but couldn't trace the original owner. Of course spiderman was a hit, and while I get tired of them like everyone, it is a 1.5 minute face on the half one. I also put a rainbow one stroke design up with stars and teardrops on it, not so popular with the girls Sad but the little boys loved it. I love you and not one parent discouraged them, which I loved!

I also learned a couple things I have been struggling with.
1. It's ok to end the line and tell kids no more.
2. It's necessary to not take special requests in high speed situations. It really helped me with productivity.
3. Limiting choices in a fast pace situation really helped productivity also.


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Re: Pink spider girl beat the neon butterfly!

Post by Miss Ronnie on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:53 am

I hate doing spidey, whether it's for a girl or boy or half-eye design... actually, hate is such a nice word to describe it - loathe is more like it.

If I'm putting up a menu board, then THAT'S my menu board. I don't ever take special requests... unless it's a color change (or at a private party.) However, if I don't have anyone else in line I will often say "If you don't see something you'd like just ask me 'cause I might be able to do it."
Miss Ronnie

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