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Can I make a color request for Suzy's Sparkles?

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Can I make a color request for Suzy's Sparkles?

Post by sweethavenarts on Sun Oct 14, 2012 2:52 pm

I have a color request for Suzy's Sparkles.
Iridescent Pearl White.
Now don't laugh! Hear me out!
Like many face painters, it's my go to glitter. I like to sprinkle it on the top of designs, but I also like to add dots of it here and there, frequently Pashur style. At my last gig, I couldn't help but think bow much easier adding little dots of glitter would be with a Suzy's Sparkles Iridescent Pearl White. Wink Now yes, I could get more sparkles to have colors to match all my paint Embarassed, but sometimes, that little iridescent sparkle is perfect?
Or if you don't want to make a bunch, could I get a custom bottle? Laughing

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