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tall directors chair in New Zealand??!!

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tall directors chair in New Zealand??!!

Post by aholly on Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:23 pm

Do any of the New Zealand face painters know where we can source a reasonably priced tall directors chair here in NZ? or some sort of tall folding stool? The ones i have found are all upward of $270 NZ Shocked which is just more than i can pay right now, but i find sitting too awkward and restricting - and hard on the back.
Thankys! Very Happy

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Re: tall directors chair in New Zealand??!!

Post by PaintedFaces on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:32 pm

Sorry aholly. I've had the same problems. Every time I go to a camping shop or a furniture shop or heck, the Warehouse, I'm on the lookout, but so far no luck.

My parents took pity on me last Christmas and had a custom built folding wooden stool made for me. It has ladders up the sides and because it doesn't have a back they sit up straight and don't vanish backward into the chair. Smile It's still not high enough for the really little kids, but it's good for most and standing is so much easier.

Maybe see if there's a woodworker in the area that would make you something. This guy was selling picnic tables on the side of the road outside his house in Henderson!

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