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The BIG Neon Thing

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The BIG Neon Thing

Post by Willoughby on Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:56 am

OK, so forget the fact that the whole Neon issue is unclear and no one knows for sure whether they are safe to use on skin, or whether there may be any problems after long-term use etc. I am not wanting to start another discussion on whether they are safe or not Smile

I just would like to know what do you all do? Do you inform parents that the Neons are 'only for hair and special effects'; that they contain ingredients that are not 'approved by whomever', but that they have been used without any 'known' issues for ages? Or do you not say a word and just use them? If you told the parents how incredibly vague the whole safety issue is, do you think they'd agree to let their kids be painted with them?


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Re: The BIG Neon Thing

Post by Bee Happy Design on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:59 am

I just use them. I am working to get the neons out of my kit mostly for cost reasons. I've found suitable duplicates in most "regular" colors. Still can't quite live without my neon pink.... Very Happy

My opinion is that they are not wearing it for more than a few hours so is it likely to do any long term damage? I think not. Maybe if you paint yourself constantly with it (and I know I have...) it could be a problem. I wouldn't bother telling parents because the risk I believe is so non-existent SINCE they are only wearing for a short time. But as I said, I'm working to use them sparingly. What a Face
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