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What would Perry/Shannon Do?

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Re: What would Perry/Shannon Do?

Post by kingsmeadmama on Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:04 pm

What a jerk the husband is! Soooo many men (and sadly women too) like that - it just makes me sooooo mad! My neighbour's husband left her high and dry a few years ago - she just got remarried this past weekend - LOVE happy endings!

As far as helping people out goes, I was burned very badly once by offering free services to a woman "in need". Turns out her need was for a coach purse, that she just had to show me on a follow up visit. The purse was WAY more expensive than my services that she "couldn't afford" I was LIVID.

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Re: What would Perry/Shannon Do?

Post by JennyNixe on Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:45 pm

Hey Christina! I've missed you!

I agree that this phenomenon of just taking off and leaving one's family is unacceptable. Almost 100 years ago, my great grandmother's first husband left her and their three children for another woman. He (and the other woman) were ostracized from the community, not because of the divorce, but because he refused to meet his obligations to his children and their mother. Nowadays, people are all about "we don't know what happened" and "don't judge". But if we can't judge someone who abandons their kids, where do we draw the line? People can divorce and still provide for their children.

Not to mention, any woman who thinks that a man who physically and financially abandons his kids is going to take care of her deserves what she gets.

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