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SOLD! Snazaroo Makeup

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SOLD! Snazaroo Makeup

Post by Lady Jayde on Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:36 pm

Next up I have some Snazaroo paint pots up for grabs. All except the red (it has the plastic liner on it...it doesn't have measles as my daughter seems to think it does!) have been used to some extent. As you can see, being a supreme tackle tart, I like to maximize the amount of variety in my kits so I split many of the colors for just that purpose. The colors from Top Left to Bottom Right:

Split: Metallic Green/Metallic Blue
Split: Sparkle Pink/Sparkle Light Blue
Split: Metallic Purple/Sparkle Purple? I'm not sure...they look the same to ME.
Split: Maroon/Sparkle Salmon
Sparkle White (was originally split, but they were reunited)
Sparkle Black (also reunited)
Classic Red (never used)
Split: Medium Blue/Dark Blue

$5ea. + Shipping or $35 +Shipping for the whole lot.
Thanks for looking!

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Re: SOLD! Snazaroo Makeup

Post by klurii on Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:24 am

Thanks! I received these yesterday. They were just as described, well packaged, and shipped quickly. Thanks again!

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