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Design imput for ADULT balloons

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Design imput for ADULT balloons

Post by Rayebs on Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:46 pm

Yellos! I just lined up my first legit gig and it happens to be at a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you have ANY familiarity with that movie, you are aware of it's adult nature.

I will be doing balloons for tips (and free movie entrance) and I'll be doing my pg repertoire of critters, but I also want to provide naughty balloons.

I have mostly figured out the male balloon. I have troubles with the tulip twist for the.. top... So I've made a very small bubble and then an ear fold. It doesn't look as, 'real', as the tulip twist, so any help with that.

The female balloon I think I have also figured out. I have troubles with placement of two sections siting beside/inside outer sections. Like in a sitting bunny, you stick just the feet part into the lower feet part. Well now I'm trying to stick the whole length along the whole length. It takes a bit... but I think it works.

I attempted something for female top balloons, but everything looked silly and I really only have 360s to work with.

if anyone has a suggestion for the twists I'm doing... Or another adult design, please share. Or pm as well.

I hope this content is not restricted. I checked the FAQ and the top page of "how to use this forum" I did try to keep what I was speaking about detailed w/o explicit. Please forgive me if I have crossed a line.

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Re: Design imput for ADULT balloons

Post by anniel on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:25 pm

Just a little fyi for your consideration. I was advised years ago, that if you go w/ anything "adult" you will be remembered for THAT and it will tend to nix you from general public gigs.

I had a kid talk me into an elephant hat once--in pink--large ears and a long trunk on his head...the coach of the soccer team immediately went ballistic on him...I was oblivious at first --then we all (well the team and other parents and I) had a good laugh as I realized it was the coach's son! Perhaps a little more discreet type of balloon would suffice?

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Re: Design imput for ADULT balloons

Post by MissDeDe on Tue May 28, 2013 9:54 am

I am new here. Not sure if you were still looking for input but I thought I would give some anyways lol. I work in a family restaurant so we are not aloud to do "adult" balloons, but we always get requests for them when we get the rowdy bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just rowdy patrons in general so we "use our imagination". The funniest pun is to make a heart hat and once they have it on, tell them they have a "heart on". The other is the lips with a tongue. but if you make the tongue black or pink...you get the picture lol. Then there is the two viking hats modified and attached in the middle to look like a bra...so it's still relatively PG, depending on who is looking at them lol. A lot of ideas just came about from people viewing normal balloons and putting their dirty mind to work!


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Re: Design imput for ADULT balloons

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