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Best Stage to belly paint

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Best Stage to belly paint

Post by aussiemarie on Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:34 pm

Hi after reading a few messages that say belly paint jobs were cancelled due to the baby being born .....I wonder what stage in pregnacy is optimum for painting, comfort and safety. The gal I painted was 7. 3 months along...plenty of belly to paint. Some of the paintings I have seen look like they are done on 9.5 month stage.

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Re: Best Stage to belly paint

Post by *redStar* on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:25 am

I recommend from the 27th week onward.
But then every woman carries differently, some have a really nice and big belly early, others never get it.
Some carry to the frond and others all arround. I have painted one in the 36th week and the mom-to-be hardly had any belly to the front but rather to the sides, and then I painted one yesterday that had the shape of a soccer ball tugged under a t-shirt- nothing to the sides all to the front.
Some women get very uncomfortable sitting for longer, when they are further along, too.
Your best bet is to tell them sometime during the last trimester. If you plan ahead, don't book them too close to the due date, you never know when the baby decides it is time to join our world. Smile
I prefere them to be arround the 32-36th week but I also consult with the mom-to-be. In some cases it is better to do them earlier but it varies from case to case. You just need to talk to them and see what they feel most comfortable with.

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