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Sharing space with another face painter

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Sharing space with another face painter

Post by EyeCandyArtStudios on Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:51 am

When doing an event that you have to hire help for , how do you do finances. Do you

A. Split the cost of booth with other painter and just set up your own tables. Would you then just take alternating customers or?

B. Just pay another face painter hourly and let them use all of your stuff?

C. Just try to do everything myself-Faces, Glitter Tattoos, money handling, etc. to maximise profit?

D. Any other suggestions?

Thanks everyone for your help on this........


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Re: Sharing space with another face painter

Post by artyfacesbyluz on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:10 am

For me there is a main factor to decide what option to take, I have done A and B.
The factor is #of customers and level of the artist.
If there is a corporate event where I am being paid to be at, I will pay her an hourly rate and I provide all the supplies.

If there is a festival with a bunch of kids, we split the costs and she will have her own set up, I my case if we don't have a line manager, she will have her own line and collect her money.

If there are no so many kids you don't need a face painter, you just need a helper to do the tattoos and line manager (money collector) in that case you ca pay it by the hour.

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