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Best face paint

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Best face paint

Post by valvondee on Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:20 pm

Hi! I'm a novice to professional face painting. I painted a little bit for a birthday party company however, without knowing who to turn to, I bought the most "accepted" face paint brand which is snazaroo. Though the color range is wide, the paint really sucks. Rather than having the rich colors that stand out on skin, this feels like it more seeps in, creating an unattractive and unprofessional appeal. Any recommendations on better paint? 


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Re: Best face paint

Post by Katurah on Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:29 pm

Snaz has certain perks Smile really I like the white/black for certain bases because its a lot easier to wash off than more brands. The red makes awesome spidermen and the metallics are really pretty!

However, there are plenty of brands! Most of use don't just use one brand, we have done a lot of trail and error, some colors you make like, some you might not Very Happy

I suggest looking up-
TAG One Strokes/Silly Farm Arty Cakes/Cameleon One Stroke/Paradise Prisms
TAG Rainbow Cakes/Silly Farm Rainbows
Paradise/TAG/TAG pearls/ FAB for Bases
Wolfe/DFX for Linework
Star blends for hot weather bases

And there are a couple more of course

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Re: Best face paint

Post by TheGildedCat on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:15 pm

Shannon Fennel and many other painters do truly amazing things with Snazaroo. I'd say it's 70% technique and 30% paint for results. 

Other brands that professional face painters enjoy working with:
Wolfe Brothers, Diamond Fx, Chameleon, TAG, Kryolan, Mehron Paradise, Mehron Starblends, Ben Nye, FAB, Superstar.
Check out this link for all the paint you could possibly want at excellent prices and very fast shipping:

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Re: Best face paint

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