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Glitch in site programming

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Glitch in site programming

Post by jonwhunt on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:37 am

Hey guys I didn't have permissions to post in the Tech thread so posting it here.  Not sure how the plugin is functioning on other browsers, but on Firefox every time I bring up the page there's a giant white box that covers all the links to threads.  Its the Facebook social plugin.  If you go under where it says North American Face Paint Forum that's where the app is located.  I think the javascript is off just slightly.  I believe what SHOULD happen is a pop up menu JUST the size of the thumbnail image for your Facebook accounts linked to the forum should pop up and allow you to switch from one account to the other.  I assume its here so someone could share, like, or otherwise link things from the forum to Facebook page.

Whenever I load the page though what happens is a white box about 1/3 width of forum pops up and covers all thread topics down to around the Henna section, and stays there.  I tried scrolling, clicking the app window, nothing helps.  Can't click on the General Discussion or any other links under the Face Paint section as well because the box covers them.  Sometimes if I wait several minutes the box will go away.

From what little programming experience I have, this is where I think the problem might be.