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2010 Face Painting Goals

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by Psalmbook on Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:13 am

I just found this. I had goals that I've met already:
1) Get a website up & running & get on every free party site. DONE
2) learn more balloons(getting better)Still need more work here, but my daughter is getting soooo good!
3) Get a tent & directors chair. DONE
4) Get a restaurant gig. DONE & Need to redo
5) Practice more!!! Get better at using paint for a base(I use Starblend powder) & get better at linework & tear drops. This is continual, but wow have I gotten better! Practice does work!
6) Get a BIG gig. did a festival & got Halloween's Doors & More& the Jaguars Pep Rally
7) Get a princess costume for princess party. DONE but don't like it....
Go to a convention. I'm going to FABAIC!!!! DONE
9) Get more training from books, youtube & other sources(this goal helped me find this amazing forum!!!) Got books & spent tons of time learning on the forum... the latter was better!
10) Keep my faith strong & remember Who gave me my talent! Always a goal!

1) Build the Jam to be strong & network w/ other painters in my area. Still a work in progress
2) Build the Prenatal Painting part of my business. Did 2 bellies... 4 designs & have post card ads made. Have a potential studio
3) Get into more contests done
4) Get good enough & find a venue to teach(my other passion) Still working on this
5) Get better at getting repeat customers I'm getting better at marketing & repeat jobs
6) Improve my website(I'm at a loss on how to add more pages:-) Still stalled out here but found the marketing of Facebook & Merchants Circle
7) Research on how to bring teaching face painters to Jax for classes. Tried to bring a few in but had a lack of interest from the locals
Practice, Practice, Practice(always) Looked at my beginning of the yr stuff till now & wow has it gotten a lot better!
9) Again, to always remember to keep my faith while pursuing face painting & remember where my talent came from. God's been good!
10) Next year, do another mission trip & another missions face painting event


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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by JBax on Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:48 pm

Oh, I didn't think about listing my extra, un-goaled accomplishments... good idea Magic..

- Makeup for zombie movie short... which won Audience choice award!
- Mini-documentary
- 20 Body art projects!!! Whoo hoo! Of that, I did a 7 deadly sins collaboration series with a local salon for First Friday art walks, one burlesque dancer, 2 latex (never done that before!) and 2 body glitters. Boy oh boy, did I jump in!
- Started a Youtube channel, made a fun vid of one of the art walks, some contest entries, and to create awareness of my rare disease.
- 4 baby bellies!
- created Facebook page for biz, updated website, worked on increasing ranking

Yay for us! Look at all we accomplished while being super amazing and supportive at the same time!

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by Magic on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:10 am

JBax it's fun to see the things that came that were never imagined makes you look at next year kinda different.

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by By These Hands on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:43 pm

I am in the process of making my goal list for 2011, and I was wondering how many volunteer gigs do you take on in a year?
By These Hands

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by LoneWolf on Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:00 pm

LoneWolf wrote:Goals 2010:
Reach a level of henna tattoos, so I can do more complicated design on the spot. Haven't really have any request for big designs, but I think my smaller on the spot ones are okay
Practice my normal "daisy" flowers, till they look good (I'm much better at roses) almost happy
Get to minimum one convention/ festival. Seeboden and UK Convention
Finish my new homepage. Finished!

So, think I reached my goals =)

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by Metina on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:51 am


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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by Lady Jayde on Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:10 am

Lady Jayde wrote:I love this! Something to focus on...

In no particular order of importance:

1. See that a thriving NE Ohio Face Painter's Guild is established and KNOWN! And be an active member of it! DONE!
2. Get my website up and running! DONE!

3. Get more pictures of my work on said website! DONE!

4. Weed the 'baubles' out of my kit so that I only keep what I will actually use. DONE!

5. Do my first body painting (I'm thinking a back mural) DONE!

6. Get better at tribals, no so much line quality but creativity in design. Still workin' on it!

7. Learn to do glitter tats and become proficient enough at painting to do both. DONE!

8. Speed up without sacrificing quality! DONE!

9. Go to at LEAST ONE convention! I want to meet at least some of you guys here who have helped me get my feet off the ground! DONE!

10. Learn to see my work from a positive stand point instead of with a critical eye! I need to accept that I provide a service that many can't and it is my creative ability that is sought after more so than my paints. DONE!

11. Meet Shannon face-to-face and have her show me how to use Bach Blue the way she does! Still waiting on the flying bacon!

I need to get my 2012 list going...at this pace, I'm gonna need a few years to complete it!
Lady Jayde

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:55 am

Shannon Fennell wrote:Well... let's see how I'm doing:

- Increase income (ALWAYS an annual goal!): On track thanks to a couple of large events!

- get my next book DONE... The SBS one... taking a lot of time to get all the painting done, so I'm a bit behind on my deadline... : Still in progress. My time has been tied up with caring for mom and other things since her stroke in January.

-to run Camp Fennell in the summer (still waiting on a couple of festivals to confirm dates so I can set the dates for the camp!) See above... hoping to set this up for next year.

- review my business plan as usual and update as necessary Done.

- be a little more agressive in my marketing - there are more painters in the area than there used to be and I need to be a little more diligent about targetting "new" customers. See above.

- get to one major event/convention/workshop myself to learn new things. See above.

Due to family circumstances my priorities changed for this year. I am still promoting and marketing as usual, just not initiating anything new.

My goals for 2010 were pretty much carried over for 2011, but need to reassess for 2012...

- Increase income DONE

- get my next book DONE This pretty much finished in the writing of, just have to get all the photos laid out... family and &^%@*&#*&@ computer problems, working three jobs since summer, etc. have pretty much pushed this into the background as a priority.

-to run Camp Fennell in the summer
Still an idea I want to pursue, just not in the immediate future.

- review my business plan as usual and update as necessary DONE

- be a little more agressive in my marketing - there are more painters in the area than there used to be and I need to be a little more diligent about targetting "new" customers. DONE. I started advertising on Kijiji and other local listings which generated a lot more inquiries and bookings. Also picking up new types of gigs - masks at galas for adults, art shows, etc.

- get to one major event/convention/workshop myself to learn new things! Taught a workshop and attended a Jam in the UK while visiting in July 2011... with caring for mom attending major events is not easy to arrange so this will not be a priority for me now (but visiting, having visitors and jamming definitely is!)


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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by Kat's FacesForFun on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:48 pm

Metina... my goals for the COMING year are almost identical to yours. I am also expanding to clowning. I have recently ordered my costume peices from different places. I am working on ballooning. 25 designs sounds like a good start! Very Happy I have 10 balloon designs so far and I have a party late next month. 30 days to get proficient!! I would also LOVE to add henna to my repertoire.
Kat's FacesForFun

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

Post by HillbillyDiva1 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:47 pm

G & G Entertainment and Art's Goals for 2012
Get new business cards
Get pictures for marketing
Build website
Add glitter tattoos and henna
Start make Flowers and Fluff hair flare
More marketing
Paint a prenatal design
Join Chamber of Commerce
Practice, practice, practice
Be able to meet any forum member that comes to Branson on Vacation (may have free tickets to park)

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Re: 2010 Face Painting Goals

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