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Any NJ folks able to help me out? Starting from Scratch..

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Any NJ folks able to help me out? Starting from Scratch..

Post by vedahanks on Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:17 am

I recently took a lower paying job at a public school. Hours are great, benefits are great. And summers off! Because I'm making much less, I wanted to find something to supplement.

I am interested in glitter tattoos only, using stencils. I am currently saving up for a large pro kit.

My question is, what are the bare necessities for getting started with this legally. I'm going to just be feeling things out in the beginning- hopefully birthday parties and craft fair type places.

Concerned about spending hundreds right off the bat (that I don't even have) but I don't want to get into trouble either..

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Re: Any NJ folks able to help me out? Starting from Scratch..

Post by fesspenter on Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:52 am

Dear vedahanks:
If you go into your Profile, above, and type in your general location, it will be easier for people in your area to give you more pointed, regional advice.
Shannon Fennell has some very good business/marketing advice in her eBook.

If I were starting from scratch...
I would create a business card and website earlier.
Practice practice practice.
Experiment with different glues, different glitter suppliers. Find your favourites.
Create display boards.
Create a usable filing system to retrieve your stencils.
Do not give the public access to the actual stencils to keep your stencils for your use only.

Team up with a face painter to split vendor fees. I welcome henna artists, glitter tattoo artists, airbrush tattoo artists. I love working with other artists.

Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy your clients.

Happy Glittering.

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