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1st Belly Bump painting coming on tuesday!

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1st Belly Bump painting coming on tuesday!

Post by rubyzcreationz on Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:14 pm

Finally!!! I have one coming up next week. So jazzed and nervous. Always reading and learning from all of you:)

Although, one question she asked me I have never heard before. She wants to know if the paint will seep into her pores. Now is this a something that can hurt her or the baby that I don't know of or is it just cosmetic where it stays in the pores and becomes a pain in the booty?

I told her the paint is safe and is the same as other professional painters use for this same purpose and I have not heard of anything before, but I was still going to ask around so I can have an answer for her.

She is also letting me choose another design to use for advertisement as well, but now I think I'm going to over load her and make her uncomfortable. What are your thoughts on that too. Please:)

Well, I better get to making some designs for her to chose before her appt. Thank you for all your advice on this and other pages as well:D

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