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Business card pic?

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Business card pic?

Post by Rebons on Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:50 am

Hi guys! i miss y'all! but its hard to tear myself away from fabatv. Smile
It's time to order new business cards, and I'm happy to say I'm better now than when I last ordered cards. I'd like to change the picture (basic butterfly) to a more recent pic. I'm definitely going to do only one picture... I personally prefer a less busy card. So my question is, what image? I want appealing and easily recognizable. Do I go with another butterfly, a fantasy tiger, a snake or monster? (These are just examples- I'll take any suggestion). Also, teenager or younger model? I primarily am a birthday party painter. Thanks!

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Re: Business card pic?

Post by gypsy6974 on Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:59 pm

It's hard to say not being able to see your pictures. I like my Marc Reid girl tiger and that what's on the front of my business card and flyers. I also like a clean card with no clutter. This tiger gets a lot of attention when people see it. It also gets boys to pick different color tigers instead of orange and yellow. I am not saying use a tiger or any tiger, look at your pics. and see what makes people take a double take. Show the pics. here or to friends/family and ask what pic. makes them do a double take and remember it? Make sure that what ever image you use makes heads turn. Also make sure you are able to paint it at parties or festivals in reasonable time. I have one butterfly on the back of my card with another pic. Butterflies are nice but they don't make heads turn. I also had a few years of FabaTV and love it. Well there are a few butterflies I have seen that are just fabulous but I think people are so use to seeing butterflies all over Face Painters boards, cards and everything else.
One more thing I have noticed in the last few years. The prettier your model is the more that picture gets picked, especially with girls.

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