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Frenchie in UK says hellooo!

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Frenchie in UK says hellooo!

Post by Toonified on Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:42 am

Hello everyone,

My name is Ophelie, I am French and live in UK. My primary job is as a nanny, but recently I started face painting. I attended a day course back in September 2013, practiced on my mindees and parents at school started noticing, a neighbour asked me if I wanted to do her Halloween party. And it went on from that, all parents attending asked me for a business card. I even had a mum booking me during that Halloween party for her Daughter's birthday party in April!

Since then I practiced for speed at the church fair and at the school disco (they came to me). And I watch a lot of videos and channels on youtube including some that I think are from members of this forum (miss yoko -fanciful faces-, face painting tips, silly heather and more for example)

However, im a bit of a perfectionist and cant be satisfied enough with my work. I always get amazing feedback but I never find my lines perfect. I'm not sure if its because I got too excited to start with and got lot of snazaroo paints which are really not the best (I came to that decision by using a handmade rainbow cake from DFX paints), or if its the brushes I use (mix of snazaroo and acrilic paint brushes from hobby craft), or if maybe its just my technique. I have nearly ran out of black and white so thinking of replacing with DFX, been told I will notice a HUGE difference.

I hope to find lot of objective critics of my work on this forum to help me in my search of progress. (I use the word critics being aware that critics can be both positive or negative)

Talk to you all very soon!

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Re: Frenchie in UK says hellooo!

Post by Valerie A on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:19 pm

Hi Ophelie! and Welcome to the forum!
A lot of us newbies post pictures over in the "New to Face Painting" section to start with, then branch out from there. There is a "Show and Tell” #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc and now “Show and Tell #6 January – March 2014”...love to have you! Very Happy (and most everyone is shy to start with, but don't worry, it is VERY supportive!!)
Hope you will join us and not just say hello and disappear. Wink
Valerie A

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Re: Frenchie in UK says hellooo!

Post by fesspenter on Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:21 am

Bonjour! Welcome to the Forum, Ophelie!
I think you will notice a huge difference between Snazzaroo and Diamond F/X. I love the non-staining base of Snazzeroo. Shannon Fennell on this Forum is talented enough to use Snaz for line work. I much prefer DF/X, Cameleon, or Wolfe for Black and White line work. There are so many different choices of paints, brushes, glitters available, and there are different kinds of artistic preferences.
There must be local Jams you can attend to look at other face painter's kits, and try out new paint.

As far as being a perfectionist...I think it goes with the territory of striving to get better as an artist. As long as it does not cripple you, it is a good thing. Please understand, it will never be perfect... It will get better with practice. It is always be a work-in-progress. Sometimes, I will suddenly be unhappy with a design that I have previously been happy with and I will not know why. I suspect that my eye perceives something needs improvement before my hand catches up. I have observed this cycle enough times now that I feel it is a normal part of my process to get better. I don't beat myself up about it like I used to... I try new techniques.
Teardrops from big to small end
Teardrops from small to big end
Teardrops from left to right
Teardrops from right to left
Line work from thick to thin to thick to thin

I still practice these. It is a great way to test out new paint.
Have fun with your new paint!

Happy Painting!

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Re: Frenchie in UK says hellooo!

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