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Applying glues for glitter

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Applying glues for glitter

Post by Forest-Fairy on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:36 pm

If you prefer to apply glitter with any type of glue and hate it when you gunk up your brush, or glitter wand then here's a nifty solution.

I do this for free hand glitter tats, as well for applying glitter with glue on the face.

The secret that was taught to me by my friend Céline Godeau, is to have a little jar of 99% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, and a real goat hair brush to apply the glue with.

For the iso jar you want something with a lid because the iso will slowly evaporate if you leave it open.

Goat hair works best for glues because it cleans out of the brush WAY easier then any other type of hair, but you have to dip it in the iso and can't leave it out to dry or it's toast like any other brush. I've even used it to apply prosaide for large prosthetic appliances for FX makeup and they always clean up like a dream! Finding them in the right size can be tricky but not impossible.


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Re: Applying glues for glitter

Post by transformpaint on Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:40 pm

That's good to know. Thanks. Now I only have to caught one of the goats at my job and take some hair.... Wink Twisted Evil 

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