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Hello I'm a rookie face painter

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Hello I'm a rookie face painter

Post by phazein on Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:40 am

New to face painting and looking to gather info and find artists to paint my face in different areas around the US and maybe even London. Most of my travel is to San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, Arizona, New York, Denver, Seattle, And St Louis. My face is painted like a skull and different styles are always fun to have.
Most of the events are for charity work or non profit organizations.
Been published in GQ magazine, ESPN the magazine, New York Times, and other var local publications. Next project is a children's activity book to promote non violence in sports fans.

Aside from that I'm researching what paints would be best for me. As of right now I have been using Mehron Paradise with Ben Nye liquiset and barrier spray to seal it. Been thinking of trying Diamond FX or Tag. My main concern is how long paint can stay on and if theres any that ill hold up better with water. Also been thinking of switching to grease paints.

Thanks for taking the time to read my intro and look forward to talking to as many painters as I can.

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Re: Hello I'm a rookie face painter

Post by fesspenter on Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:08 am

Dear phazein:
Welcome to the Forum:
Yes, grease paint holds up well in water.
Diamond F/X holds up in heat and through sweat as long as a primer and sealant are used. (I was at Fantasy Fest in October and I ran into the beautiful woman I had body painted the day before.... her paint job was holding up really well, after 20 hours!). I primed her with Green Marble SeLr, painted, then sealed with Green Marble SeLr.
I have just started using Donna Nowak's Pro-Aiire, which is alcohol-based, and loving it. It is water resistant. Dips is alcohol based and also water resistant.
Mehron's StarBlend powders are great in hot weather on sweaty children. Look up YouTube videos on StarBlend with Denise Cold.

Happy Painting!

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Re: Hello I'm a rookie face painter

Post by Forest-Fairy on Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:06 pm

that sounds really cool! Getting a skull face by different artists from all over.

If you ever find yourself in Vancouver Canada give me a shout.

Hmm as for what kind of paint to use, there are many options depending on what you want to get out of it.
First the credentials: 14 years face and body painting experience and a degree in Special FX makeup for Film. :p

So like I was saying there are tons of paints out there to choose from. I wouldn't say Mehron is the best for white though, Tag or Diamond FX are way more opaque from my experience. Both are still water based though and while perspiration resistant, you might have a mess if you went for a dive. The best sealing product I found for water based paint is Blue Marble SeLr, still won't stand up again getting sprayed with a hose, but it will make it last longer. Think of it like hair spray for face paint.
Green Marble sSeLr works better for creamier paints, or grease base, but still works ok for water based, (but not nearly as good as Blue Marble SeLr). There is also 'Final Seal' which is a good catch all sealer when using a mixed bag of products.

Barrier spray is usually meant to go on before the paint for an easy removal, or to protect sensitive skin from certain things the paint might contain. Putting it on afterwards might attribute to the paint coming off easier.

As for grease paints, they have their place but generally i steer away from them because it can be pretty expensive to get the good ones, like say a rubber mask grease paint, to make a solid white. Also hard to work with over water base IMO.
Here is a zombie hand i did with rubber mask grease paint just to pale it out.
To get a solid white you would need to use a lot, and even then you aren't totally in the clear against water.

If you want to get a white that is water proof there are only three products i know of that will do this.

FX Illustrator and Alcohol based Airbrush paint - these are alcohol based paint, the illustrator pallet is activated with 99% alcohol. It is water proof but not recommended for large coverage of the face, as the alcohol dries out your skin. You also need alcohol to remove it, not fun for anything near the eyes. Also unless air brush applied it's more or less used like a water color paint, so getting a nice solid color takes a lot of product. Also it can be crazy expensive.

Pax Paint - This is can be categorized as an acrylic adhesive based makeup. It specifically refers to a mixture of Pros-Aide and Liquitex artist's paint. Generically, it can refer to any mixture of skin-safe acrylic adhesive and nontoxic acrylic paint. This sh!t is hardcore. It was made by legendary makeup artist naughty word Smith. You will need a barrier spray on before using it for sure, but this stuff stays where it's put. But it can be hard to work with, first of all you need to powder the -beep- out of it or else it will stick to itself, it will ruin brushes and tools if not applied properly, and you will need a solvent to take it off. Super Solv, Bond Off, Remove It All, or the like. This is NOT a fun process. But it is the go to product for special FX artists who want staying power.

However... here is a relatively new product that popped up on the face painting market not long ago.

A.G.P.C. (AIRBRUSH GRADE PROSTHETIC COSMETIC) - this is air brush cosmetic paint that is water repellent and safe for use on the skin and face. Also it comes off with soap when you are done. You can also sponge it on. Brushes are ok, but this is defiantly best applied with an airbrush. If you want it water proof then you add a product called Silicolor, but after adding this you have to remove it with alcohol. Coolest product ever right? Though pretty expensive stuff. Popular brands are DIPS, and ProAiir, but ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is the only one i know what is also safe for the face.

I find most things that gain popularity in the film makeup industry often hit the face painting industry first. Like oblong kaboki sponges, brush easels, and now this. It's only a mater of time before more people in the film industry discover it's wonders. Until then tho, I seem to have some insider face painter knowledge lol.

Hope this helped!

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Re: Hello I'm a rookie face painter

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