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I need advise about ordering a BANNER

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I need advise about ordering a BANNER

Post by saloner on Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:14 am

I just got 2 banners from Costco. I have used them two times (indoors) and this "sag" from left to right, diagonally seems to be getting worse. They said that the humidity can cause sagging. My horror is that if it looks this bad now what will happen in mid summer when I am doing festivals. It really is visible.The supervisor said that she got a vinyl banner and it was the worst thing she ever done. I feel like I was taken to the outer limits.....I know that I see everyone using vinyl banners with their tents. Does anyone have this happen? The Costco guy measured one and it was clearly off in the center, he thinks it was due to the sewing and he will have to first see who will pay for it....I told him that I already paid $115 for each of them, I wouldn't pay more. Do you guys have this problem? should I use a different product?

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Re: I need advise about ordering a BANNER

Post by JJJJJ on Mon May 05, 2014 4:31 pm

I have vinyl banners from Vistaprint. I ordered the "outdoor" grade vinyl. I've been using them for two years and they are fine. As long as I get enough tension in them by having them pulled taut from both sides, they hang beautifully, hold up well in the sun, and are terrific.

Things to consider: If you have a 10' pop-up, get an 8' long banner. Shorter banners are harder to hang well.

Be sure to pay extra for outdoor-grade vinyl.

Get the plastic corner covers Vistaprint sells (or something similar, grommets, etc.) to protect the banner where the ropes attach. Otherwise, strong winds will tear the corners quickly.

Hope this is helpful. If you hate your current banners, it may save you more grief in the long run to just bite the bullet and buy more right away. Vistaprint occasionally has sales where the product is half off. All of my banners have been bought for well under a hundred this way. Good luck!


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Re: I need advise about ordering a BANNER

Post by FacepaintingByTanya on Tue May 06, 2014 7:24 pm

I ordered my banners through eSigns.com - I like the quality much better than VistaPrint - the cost was great with the promo codes they offer (got mine buy-1-get-1-free, also known as half off Smile ) I ordered some tall ones to fit my x-stands and a couple smaller ones for backdrop and front table use - they have corner grommets for hanging (I use bungee cords) and the color is great.

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Re: I need advise about ordering a BANNER

Post by Sweet Loretta on Thu May 22, 2014 2:02 pm

Banner will sag if you do not get them taunt. Add more gromments or use plastic hanging tabs that stick on the back, they are strong made for banners. We use mag mover magnets one on each side of the banner...................really you have to get up into your canopy and figure a rigging that works for you to pull that banner tight.

magents at the best balloon supplier http://www.continentalsales.net/
Sweet Loretta

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Re: I need advise about ordering a BANNER

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