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Marie from East Texas

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Marie from East Texas

Post by Akamar on Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:01 am

Howdy, I got a message asking me to introduce myself, so here I am. I am utterly and completely new to face painting.. I normally would never have really thought on it if I hadn't been voluntold about my participation in a local festival.

Most of my art work has been digital illustration and acrylic on fabric till now, and as I can see, i doesn't exactly translate.

I came seeking advice, mostly on what to get and how much, so I can help keep the event from flopping.. as I don;t think those planning it have thought it out well..


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Re: Marie from East Texas

Post by Forest-Fairy on Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:22 am

Welcome to the art of the moving canvas! Razz

Ahh yes, events planners who don't really have a plan. I know them well. Also the old "Hey you know how to paint! Here paint a bunch of kids for us!"
That's actually how i got into face painting and what my 12 year old self and all the 'well planned' adults around me didn't know was that face painting isn't just something anyone can do - it is an intimate practice and application. Don't kid yourself, this is a makeup application and as such you have to be aware that the products you use have to be approved for use on skin, and you need to be as clean as possible about the application to be safe.

With that said I'll give you the basic low down.

First of all make sure that the event agrees to cover all liability should anyone have a reaction to the paint or get poked in the eye with a brush - have it in writing! Now depending on the date of the event you are preparing for will dictate what kind of face paints you can get. Also you might want to ask the 'planners' that since they aren't hiring some one who already has a kit, what their budget is for having you buy the necessary supplies. You might be a volunteer but don't be the one volunteering your money as well as your time and skill.

There are MANY different brands of face paint out there, each with it's own merits. Many of them you will not find locally and will have to order in in most cases.

If you don't have time to order in some paints your best bet would be a Micheal's Craft store, as they usually carry the Snazaroo brand. It's a good place to start for a beginner, not too expensive and they have some good starter kits for a reasonable enough price. Another brand you might find at this store is 'Tulip Body Art'. Again good starter kits with them.

Some times are specialty makeup stores you can find these brands (in order of most expensive to least expensive)
Ben Nye Body Paints
Aqua Color / Kryloan
Mehron / Paradise

But if you lack specialty shops of this kind it might be harder to find. These brands are also more expensive and some in high quantities.  Each has it's own merits, though it's good to remember to try to stick to the same brand at first as some brands don't mix well with others due to different bases. For starters try to stick to just one brand.

If you have time to shop online this opens up a HUGE list a brands you can get.
Diamond FX
as well as all the others mentioned earlier.

Each has it's own merits and each painter prefers something different.

While there are all kinds of great website to shop at my top picks are SillyFarm.com and FacePaintForumShop.com

Picking your paint is really all up to you and what you are looking for. If it's your first time I would best start out with something that comes as a set of colors in a kit rather then buying each color on it's own. You'll get a better deal this way.

Now one might think all you need is some paints, a jar of water and some brushes and you are off to the races, but there are many more essential things you need before you can start.

Water Container
Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Table and Chairs

Brushes - You need a new set of brushes for face painting. Something with shorter handles usually then long canvas painting brushes and synthetic bristles work better with face paints. DO NOT use brushes you have used with other paints such as acrylic, oils etc. There is risk of cross contamination with non cosmetic paints, so you want a set you will use JUST for face painting. Just like you would with beauty makeup brushes. Have a good variety of flats and rounds - flats up to 3/4 and rounds as small as 3 to 0. But if you are savvy with a brush most of your work will be done with rounds in the 6 to 4 range. Yes the area might be small but using only tiny brushes will slow you down.

Mirror - Obvious reason is obvious. Try to get something bigger then a pocket mirror.

Water Container - Choose something clean that works for you. Ideally something that doesn't have a narrow base and was never used to hold food (no yogurt containers or peanut jars of course).

Extra Water & Bucket - You will need to change your water as it gets dirty, so bring extra water in a jug or something. Also it's nifty to have a place to dump your spent water without getting up so a bucket is nice.

Wet Wipes or equivalent - You will need something to clean up faces with left over food on them or the like.

Hand Sanitizer - You'll want to use a drop of this rather regular between faces to keep your hands clean and germ cross contamination down.

Isopropyl Alcohol - you'll want to have a small spray bottle of this on your table. You can use it to sanitize your equipment after use on lips or mouth, on sponges after use, if you drop something you can sanitize it etc. It has many uses and different face painters use it differently and more religiously then others. I tend to follow what i learned in makeup school as closely as I can when face painting.

Table and Chairs - In your case the event should provide these. Remember to work with flat seats, a decent sized table. Avoid picnic tables etc. Some painters sit while painting, others stand and have the child seated in a stool. It's all up to personal preference.

Extra Water & Bucket
Water Atomizer
Hair clips
Wash Cloth / Towel
Table Cloth

Extra Water & Bucket - You will of course need to change your water as it gets dirty, so rather then sprinting to the nearest tap bring extra water in a jug or something to refill on the spot. Also it's nifty to have a place to dump your spent water without getting up so a bucket is nice.

Sponges - these are for doing base coats of paint. Some one wants to be a tiger? Sponge + Orange Paint + Face = faster application. There are MANY different kinds, and you can get them at craft stores too. About the shape of hockey pucks, you cut them in half and you have a good sponge for an application.

Water Atomizer - this is great to use with sponges so you can control how much water you want on your sponge. Pretty much essential to working with sponges.

Hair Clips - Great for holding back hair out of the way while you are painting. Another thing to spray iso with when done!

Selections - It's good to have a few selections for the public to choose from to help get idea's. Basic clip art shapes and ideas, or a written list of selections you can do clearly displayed. For your first time don't get too over ambitious, pick 10 - 15 things for boys and girls you feel you can do. If you also want to do requests you can branch out from your selections sheet, though sticking to your sheet will help you go faster and paint more faces.

Wash Cloth / Towel - Good to put your equipment on so you don't dirty and table or table cloth.

Table Cloth - Great for hiding dirty looking tables to make your set up look more clean, also good for hiding your stuff under your table.

Headache Meds/Pain Killers - Good to have if your job is being around screaming kids for hours at a time. Also good for sore backs, cramps, or being kicked by small children.


Glitter - Adds a special extra and can 'fix' or disguise bad work ^.^. IMPORTANT NOTE: Like all things applied to the skin glitter also has to be skin safe and made for use on skin. DO NOT use craft glitter, as it's sharp, can get in the eyes and cause scaring, contains metals, is not hypoallergenic etc. So only use glitter made specifically for use on skin that is cosmetic grade.

Gems - Adds some extra bling to your designs. Use a latex free skin glue to apply them, such as laytex free eyelash glue. (latex free because 8 in 100 people have a latex allergy)

Stickers - Great to give to kids who don't want to be painter so they don't feel left out. Also great to hand out around closing time so you can pack up.

Rainbow Cakes
Gem Clusters
Split Cakes
Signs / Display Boards
Business Cards
Day Planner
Squeeze Bottle Glitter
Mini Fan
Credit Card Reader
and more!

I'm no going to get into all these, but as you can see a painters kit can go on and on. At any given time I have about $1000 worth of material on my table not including signs, the table itself and chairs etc. There are MANY different things you can buy to make your kit extra awesome.

For your first time and as a volunteer I would stick to the basics and add a few of the helpful and fun extras you think would work best for your up coming event.

and finally PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! Watch videos, read forums, study designs and don't be shy to ask questions! Good luck!

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Re: Marie from East Texas

Post by fesspenter on Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:53 am

Welcome to the Forum!
Post and share your work to a kind, warm, non-judgemental audience in the thread Show and Tell.
There is a game of Face Paint Tag going on in the thread Tag You Are It!
Also, if you go into your Profile, above, and type in your general location of East Texas, you will make it easier for your local painters to invite you to Jams.

Happy Painting!

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Fellow East Texan here!

Post by dwmeeks on Mon May 05, 2014 7:07 pm

Hi Marie. I, too, am brand new here. I am also from east Texas! Where in ET are you? I grew up in Gladewater (near Longview). I am looking forward to reading and viewing the posts here on the forum!


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Re: Marie from East Texas

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