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Restaurant Gigs

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Restaurant Gigs

Post by Forest-Fairy on Mon May 19, 2014 1:11 am

Ok so I keep reading about so many painters doing gigs at restaurants!

So I get maybe painting at McDonnalds or something with a play area. But at sit down restaurants? It just seems like such an odd idea to me, but I keep reading it on here that many face painters do it! How? It seems so odd to me to have face painting in a place where kids are eating. At fairs a big reason parents pass on painting is their kid hasn't had lunch yet, and they don't want to pay for something that is going to get messed up.

How to you approach a restaurant about this?
What do you say to make it seem like a good idea for them to have FP?
What kind of restaurants would you do this at?
What kind would you avoid?
Do they pay you to be there? Or you do charge the patrons?
How well do you usually fair in a night? or per hour?
Paint before or after the meal?

Any other tips or suggestions?

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Re: Restaurant Gigs

Post by eviedejesus on Mon May 19, 2014 5:22 pm

I’ve ony painted at Chick-fil-a and they paid my rate and I get a free meal when it’s over. Usually restaurants that offer a “kids night” will want some form of entertainment and the parents don’t have a problem with face painting. You do not need to offer designs that include the mouth area.

If a restaurant doesn’t want to pay your rate, just offer a discounted rate for a weekly gig and ask to put out a tip jar. Or negotiate for food vouchers if you like eating there.

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Re: Restaurant Gigs

Post by ImagineThat! on Wed May 28, 2014 3:35 pm

I have done a handful of events in restaurants. Its usually a party that has rented out a portion or entire building for their event.

I just find my self a spot out of they way, set up and paint!

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Re: Restaurant Gigs

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