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HOLA! from El Paso, TX

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HOLA! from El Paso, TX

Post by siouXzQ on Sat Jun 07, 2014 10:04 am

::waving::  I'm a TOTAL newbie to the forum and actually to Face Painting itself. I was recently volunteered by my sister to face paint for a birthday party (love that she had WAY more confidence in me than I did! ) and as I scoured YouTube (you can learn to about do ANYTHING on there!!!) and the web in preparation - I was totally reeled in!  So many talented people out there willing to share their knowledge.
I have two grown sons (23 & 25) and when they were little I had a meeelion odd jobs. I've had my own home daycare,  when my boys started school I got hired at a preschool, I was a Cub Scout leader,  PTA board member... when I say I enjoy kids,  I really do mean it!  
The party was sooooo much fun!  The adults were VERY kind and thought I did a great job. There was one little boy that just cracked me UP!! so, as he was in line he kept coming up to ask me questions, "how will I take the paint off?" "will it come off?" "are you sure?".  Finally,  his turn.  He sits sudden and asks for a SUPER GROVER!!  ::eyebrow raised::  I asked my boyfriend to Google me a pic,  and I took on the challenge! His mother could NOT believe I was going to try it.  It didn't come out too bad,  I was pretty happy with it, the people watching thought it was great.  However,  he barely had one butt cheek off the chair before he was asking if he could wipe it off now!   Sad(( I knew he was nervous and handled him a wipe - bye-bye SUPER GROVER! His mom had walked away to get her camera and was pretty upset with him. Sad fast forward about an hour,  he comes back and asks more questions - ended up sitting him back down for a Batman mask that he just LOVED! He kept coming back to look in the mirror and growl,  "I'm Batmaaaaaaannn!!!"  ended up being asked if I would do his party in August,  haha...
was much fun and here I am, about a month later, ordering my jewelry trays and attempt to make split cakes. This forum is a HUGE blessing to me and I'm reading the posts every night!
Sorry so long - I tend to write novels, haha



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Re: HOLA! from El Paso, TX

Post by tobilou on Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:12 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum!
There's always room here for another paint addict!


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Re: HOLA! from El Paso, TX

Post by Kimmi on Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:44 pm

I am super glad to see someone as excited as I am, I got reeled in also. lol


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Re: HOLA! from El Paso, TX

Post by Forest-Fairy on Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:42 pm

welcome to the forum!


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Re: HOLA! from El Paso, TX

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