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Total Noobery

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Total Noobery

Post by Kal on Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:38 am

Hello all! I have joined this face painting forum to learn the tricks of the trade. I started painting at local fairs and festivals in March and I really love it. I'm having a major problem though. I started out with the face paint that you can buy from Walmart. I'm sure most of you pros know it's total crap. I also can't find brushes that I like.

I'm looking for information on better face paint and where to buy it. I really want something that glides easily over the fine hairs on the face. The walmart crap sticks to them and makes my designs sloppy. If there's a way to make the walmart crap better I'd appreciate that too as I have quite a lot of it and don't really want it to go to waste.

As for my brush problem I think it's more about the face paint, but I need good sturdy brushes and good advice for cleaning them in between clients.

I appreciate any and all advice  Smile

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Re: Total Noobery

Post by fesspenter on Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:52 am

Dear Kal:
Welcome to the Forum!
If you post your general location in your Profile, above, you may find local face painters to invite you to their jams and share shipping costs on face paint orders.
This Forum is sponsored by the FacePaintForumShop (the colourful rectangle at the upper right side of this column)
There are collective years worth of wisdom written in these threads, and one consistent thing you will notice is that it is all different! We are all different artists, with different preferences, techniques,and tools. The funny thing is...each one is correct...for them! Try different paints, brushes, sponges.

Have fun reading these threads!!!

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Re: Total Noobery

Post by eviedejesus on Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:55 am

I recommend you throw them away - just read the reviews on Walmart’s website. If you click on the top of the page where it says Face Paint Forum Shops, you will find lots of good stuff! I actually like using cosmetic brushes I bought at dollar tree for bases. You might want to find a theatrical store locally also so you can get advice from the sales people.

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Re: Total Noobery

Post by creativefunfaces on Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:12 am

Hello, and welcome. The only place I know of around my area that sells safe face paint in store, would be Micheals (they sell the snazaoo face paint kits). They are small, but they are safe. DO NOT BUY ACRLIC from there though, as that is not safe. I did start with some of the snaz. kits until I could afford to buy the better quality paints sold online, like here at Matina's shop. As for brushes they also have packs of them with veriety of shapes and sizes ( flat and round). I prefer the plastic handled ones, but maybe that's just me. And again they sell better ones here online.
And as said above, I would throw away the Wal-Mart paints. They have very bad results/reviews.
Good luck, and see you around.


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Re: Total Noobery

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