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Splitcake decision- Wolfe or Snaz? Mix or no mix?

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Splitcake decision- Wolfe or Snaz? Mix or no mix?

Post by Snickell on Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:44 am

Hi all!

My kit currently consists entirely of Wolfe Bros paints (snagged an AWESOME deal at the last IMATS and went a little crazy). I have my ROYGBV of classic hydrocolors along with pink, light blue, burgundy and black in 30grams as well as a container of white in 90grams. I also have the small Wolfe UV colors palette that I use for black-light work.

I'm looking to purchase some more colors (grey, brown, bright pink, bright purple, bright orange, bright green) to use on their own and also to use along with my current colors to make one-stroke split-cakes and large tiger and sunset sponge split-cakes.

The Wolfe paints have really impressed me, but I also have an opportunity to purchase some Snazaroo cakes at a great price. Should I keep on investing in the great quality that Wolfe offers, or branch out and add some Snaz to my kit? Could I use both brands mixed to create my split-cakes? (I worry that the Snaz is too.... thin? Sheer? next to the Wolfe colors, or that the different makeup bases will cause problems)

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Re: Splitcake decision- Wolfe or Snaz? Mix or no mix?

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:19 am

The world won't end if you mix brands.

However, Snazaroo and Wolfe wear at completely different rates and if you make split cakes you will find troughs forming in the strip of Snaz, while the Wolfe will still be relatively level.

The best splits are made from all the same brands as the paints will usually wear out at a similar rate (with a few exceptions.)


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