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Silly Farm Rainbow Cake Pearl Peace

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Silly Farm Rainbow Cake Pearl Peace

Post by Forest-Fairy on Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:46 pm

More like Pearl Piece of Sh!t.

Got this cake 2nd hand from the swap shop, and now I think i know why it was only used once. What ever brand they have for the pink doesn't pick up on the sponge what so ever! It was painfully pathetic. I know they mix brands in the silly farm cakes so i don't know what brand that horrible pink is. I got this figuring 'why not', i'll try it out, but it's otherwise not something i would buy at full price.

I'll also note this is one of their older round container cakes before they switched to the square stack-able ones. It's possible that it was just old? The rest of it worked fine, but oh that pink! It was like trying to get colored wet sand to stick to the sponge. Never seen anything like it.

Let me know if they corrected this with the new cakes. Otherwise I say: Don't waste your money.

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