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Empty cases and 18 color snaz wheel up for swap

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Empty cases and 18 color snaz wheel up for swap

Post by Facepainting by Tina on Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:48 am

I have 11 empty rectangle tag cases, they're all 50g cases, most were 2 color splits, all have the lids and none of them are scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged.  I bought them and used all the paints to make one stroke cakes, so they have never even been carried around, so they're in like new shape.  They all still have paint residue in them though, I haven't cleaned any.

The snazaroo 18 color wheel has been used a few times.  Each round of color has been split in half and paired up with another color, they can be mixed and matched however you want, or you can pair them back up to make them single colors.  

I also have 1 round tag case with lid (empty 32g), as well as an empty Snaz container with lid (18ml size).  All in good shape with no visible signs of damage.

Also I have 20 hinged clear plastic containers (only one is pictured), none have ever been used.  I bought them to make rainbow cakes, they're slightly deeper than a tag case, but otherwise they're exactly the same size (I will attach a photo for reference).  I wound up not needing them because I bought so many 2 color split tag cakes that I was able to just cut them up and repot into the containers they came in, giving me all these unused cases.  I have moved them around so much, I just want to rid my house of clutter.  It will take me YEARS to use up all the rainbows and one strokes I have already made lol.

I am looking to trade these items for starblends (preferrably red, white, black).  Or possibly a starter kit of temp tattoo stencils (I have a few stencils along with the glue and glitters, so really only need stencils).

Shipping only in the US, just want to move this stuff quickly lol.



* edited to add- If you are interested in any of these, I'm willing to trade other things as well, just make an offer!

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Facepainting by Tina

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Re: Empty cases and 18 color snaz wheel up for swap

Post by Gran D on Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:23 am

did you sell the tag boxes? I bought a bunch of clear plastic ones and my paint ate the plastic!!! Nasty mess! They were made for collectors cards. I am trying to find the right ones for less $

Gran D

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Re: Empty cases and 18 color snaz wheel up for swap

Post by DebbieB on Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:53 pm

I am guessing you have Snazaroo? That paint is notorious for cracking and/or eating through clear plastic. The white tag rectangles may work better for that.

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Re: Empty cases and 18 color snaz wheel up for swap

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