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Low budget face painting kit?

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Low budget face painting kit?

Post by Lmiris on Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:16 pm


So, I'm 17 years old and I've been face painting for about six years now. I used to follow face painting lessons once a while at school, but around two years ago it stopped. Since then I face painted at my school's events, doodling around a bit, but nothing serious. About a year ago I decided to kinda of start face painting on my own. So I bought two brushes, a ten colors of paint, a sponge and some glitter. That's pretty much everything I have. I've made quite some progress and I really love to try designs on my face. However, I want to bring it to a next level. I'd to have a little business started. You know, face painting at children's parties and other events. I'd love to do that! But I don't have hundreds of dollars (or euros) considering I'm still pretty young. What way can you get a decent face painting kit with a low budget? Thank you in advance!

- Iris


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Re: Low budget face painting kit?

Post by jlirie on Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:45 pm

hi iris,

most professional face paint brands have a starter pallette with smaller amounts of 6 to 12 basic colors (red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, orange, purple, brown, etc), as well as pallettes with metallic and/or neon colors.

these usually cost $25-$50 depending on how many colors are in the pallette. while the cakes in the pallettes look small, the paint usually goes a long way. professional face paint brands all have websites, and other companies sell their paints, as well, and there is usually information on the website about how many faces can be painted with a pallette.  there is a face paint shop at the top of this forum, too.

face paint brands that work well for lines and details include wolfe, dfx, and tag, so your black and white paint, and any other colors for details, should probably be one of those brands.

brands that are good for bases (backgrounds) and blending colors include mehron paradise and snazaroo, as well as mehron paradise starblends powders.

there are a number of other brands such as cameleon, kryolan, etc, as well. you can search this forum for info on many brands.

if you buy a pallette of the more blendy paints, you should get a single regular size cake of black and white from one of the other brands that are better for lines and details.  single cakes will cost you around $8-12 each, and are much larger than the pallette cakes. you can also buy individual colors in the pallette size cakes, but the regular size cakes are a better deal.

another option is to buy several split cakes or rainbow cakes, along with a black and white. these have strips of different colors in rainbow combinations and other color combinations. you can find youtube videos showing how to use these for different designs.

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Re: Low budget face painting kit?

Post by Forest-Fairy on Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:20 pm

Boy have i been there lol. I was 12 when i first started face painting, my first kit was a bunch of dollar store paints given to me by the event I volunteered at my first time face painting. Wasn't long before i knew i needed an upgrade.

The first pallet i got was a Mehron Paradise pallet and instantly all my work excelled.

My advice seriously is to save up for a decent pallet and decent brushes. Above anything else this is where you want to spend your money.

But if you want the best bang for your buck, then save up for this.


You got All the colors you need, a large 90gm white and black, 12 professional sponges, water atomizer, cosmetic glitter, basic brushes, a brush easel and 1 one stroke rainbow cake.

Grab a mirror, hair clips, 99% iso and some hand sanitizer and you are ready to rock.

This really is the best deal for a start up kit I have found if you are serious about starting a business, even with the shipping cost. Buying all this separately is crazy expensive, but this kit will last you a while and will pay for itself in no time. Took me only 2 gigs to make back the money i spent on this when I first bought it (and it used to be more expensive).

After a few gigs you can start investing in better brushes too. Here is  a blog post I did about how to select the best brushes for face painting.
6 Tips To Pick The Best Brushes For Face Painting

Also here is a blog post I did about The Kit Essentials 

Hope this helped!

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Re: Low budget face painting kit?

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