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First Event in Aus

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First Event in Aus

Post by arose on Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:21 am

Well I received some feedback from the event i did at the weekend!

I was meant to arrive at the venue at 6.30am (starting Time for me in accordance to the booking!). I arrived at 6.15am but had to be escorted to area. Escorted just after 6.30 and was all set by 7am. There was a constant flow of Children and because they where running late the organizer asked to stay for an extra 30 mins! However it did die down and I packed away at approx 8.50am I the had to wait to be escorted away, and this was about 9.30am

My email from the organizer (quotes as follows)

What time did you start painting – just out of interest?

How many kids do you estimate had their faces painted? I sent a few families down that way during the morning.

Just a bit of feedback for you, some people commented to me that they thought the tent and chair was for sports massages. I realise you’re still setting up the business and a big sign would help with that!

I did reply to this!!!, with the help of my partner a business man(cos I seem to be pushed around a lot) but would like to know how others would?

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Re: First Event in Aus

Post by melissah1982 on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:38 am

I would just answer him honestly and thank him for the suggestion. I don't think the organizer would try and stiff you but just looking for info for possibly future jobs.

Time wise, it sounds like you started late but worked later too so it balances out. I think he is most likely trying to figure if he should have scheduled you later. If you were hired to start at 6:30 but no one comes till 7:30-8am, then next time, they will start you later. My thinking anyway.

And the amount of kids is also most likely to figure out if hiring a face painter is worth it. They won't hire if only 10 kids come into the line.

And as for the tent, just thank him for the advice and consider taking it to heart. A sign never sent kiddies away, right? Very Happy

Either way, sounds like you had a great day. Congrats

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