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First Festival...Advice please!

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First Festival...Advice please!

Post by RickyMUA on Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:32 pm

Hello everyone,
In my area there is a Christmas festival coming up. The stated expected turn out is 1,500-2,000 if not more. I'm still waiting for a confirmation and a reply on whether there will be another face painter there. Rather than wait to the last minute, I'm asking for insight since I've never done a festival before. Besides business cards, banner(?), and a large amount of baby wipes, what else do you recommend bringing? Also how do you gage pricing? They have a $100 dollar fee if that helps you help me. lol

Thank you


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Re: First Festival...Advice please!

Post by thouartbeautiful on Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:11 am

Indoor festival? Paint, water, soap, sanitizer, cups, cards, bobby pins, 2 small hand mirrors, washcloths, brushes, sponges, bucket for dirty water, tables, tablecloths, warm clothes, thermos of warm coffee Wink display board (recommend fast faces you can perform in 5 minutes or less, if it's slow you can bring out more elaborate designs, but put them away when the line starts stacking up).

My lowest price would be based on the cost of the food items at the concession stand/booth. For example, if a hot dog is $5 then that's my lowest tier of pricing. $100 is a lot for a festival so it sounds like it must be a big event. A line manager may be helpful, armed with a camera and a stack of model release forms Wink

Research the turn out from last year, a festival that big can potentially be enough business for more than one face painter, but too many can be tough. Good luck!

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Re: First Festival...Advice please!

Post by LittleMonsters on Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:14 pm

Good planning on asking if there's going to be other face painter(s)... would also be good to know where you might be located... ie: close to where children will more likely to be or not...

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Re: First Festival...Advice please!

Post by Denise Cold on Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:33 am

Honestly, that's not enough attendance to support a PPF. When I've tried that size before, I've ended up either in the hole or barely making my booth fee back. I've heard that Gary Cole suggests 10,000 attendance per face painter. You should tell them that you will pay a percentage of your earnings like 10% or 20% because it's a high risk endeavor.

Strike two is the cold. Unless it's inside, you won't get many takers.

My rules (and they are getting more stringent each PPF failure):
If it's not big enough for a carnival, it's not big enough for me
It has to be kid focused. I've had very back luck THINKING the adults will want to be painted. No, they want to get henna or tattoos.
I have to be on the grass and shaded...or at least one of those.
No loud alternative/rock/banger music. If I'm trying to attract kids into my chair...I don't want to hear the "F" bomb constantly.
They charge an attendance fee to get in and include other things like bouncy houses & characters but you are the only kids entertainment that is costing money. Why?
No limits on vendors (anyone can get in)
High booth fee
Attendance hours is mostly after dinner...parents steer kids away.

That's the ones I can think of right now.


Denise Cold

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Re: First Festival...Advice please!

Post by Kal on Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:06 pm

Agreeing with Denise 100%. You'll be lucky to make back your booth fee.

On the other hand if you want practice and you want to get your name out there then you probably will make back your booth fee, so you just have to decide if you want to brave the cold.

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Re: First Festival...Advice please!

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