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big ideas for a new business, and can't even decide on a name!

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big ideas for a new business, and can't even decide on a name!

Post by Kasia Nowik Art on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:18 pm

hello everyone,

I've joined the forum only recently but have been reading it for very long and have always found it so helpful.

I finished art school last may and have kept busy doing a few face painting gigs and working at a theme park, I spent alot of time after finishing school thinking about my next move and have been anxious about making a good choice for my immediate future and lately have been getting pretty excited about some ideas a friend and I have had to start an event service business. I've realized that this is something that i've loved doing for a long time, i'm good at it, and that it is a way to use my talent to make people happy...What could be better right?

Anyways my friend is a charicaturist/ illustrator which would be the services that he would provide and I do face paining/ henna tattoos/ airbrush tattoos/ airbrush hats and t-shirts. We want to team up and bring the business to a busy metropolis probably somewhere in the south, as western mass/ CT doesn't seem to have the clientele to make a full time gig. We are banking on somewhere in southern california but also southern florida is manageable too, as we have friends and family in both places to help get us settled. To start we want to spend a few months out there to see if our marketing efforts pan out. But first things first I want to put together a website and business cards and we are having trouble deciding on a name! Working alone i've been calling my business Kasia Nowik Art and he has been calling his SlivaNation Caricatures ( his last name is Sliva) so we both just named our services after ourselves. As a team force I think we need to have a catchy name for the business. Would it be weird to continue to call the business after one of us? Such as SlivaNation Face Painting, Caricatures and More! or Events by Kasia Nowik Art. At one point I really liked the name " Life of the Party Face Painting, Caricatures and More!" but not only is that a bit of a mouth full but also there are a number of businesses out there with rather similar names. So what do you folks out there think? Any advice on piecing together a name that works? Also has anyone out there had a similar experience when starting out their business and could share some advice? Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my post! can't wait to work together more!
Kasia Nowik Art

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Re: big ideas for a new business, and can't even decide on a name!

Post by jlirie on Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:44 pm

recently another person starting their business was trying to figure this out, too. in their case, their business name was going to end up quite long.

i suggested they could format it in 2-3 lines instead of one. in your case, one option could be -

              life of the party
face painting, caricatures, and more!

as far as the specific name you choose, i would go with something easy to remember and easy to spell.

you want people to be able to connect it to the entertainment you offer, and search for it successfully online.

as someone whose real name is also unusual and long, i might suggest you not use either of your real names. or if you do, maybe combine them or convert them into more recognizable words.

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