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hired by a party business short notice... weird experience

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hired by a party business short notice... weird experience

Post by bubbleblossom on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:00 am

Wanting your opinions on this....

I was called up recently, early on a Saturday morning by a woman who wanted to hire me for 3 hours that afternoon. It was for a little family fete in a park nearby and her face painter had cancelled on her that morning. She runs her own bouncy castle business and they pay face painters to team up with them. The local shire pays them to being their castles and also to organise a painter for all their summer events.

So I say I can make it but no marquee and so on just a simple set up since its so short notice. she's okay with that. Then she drops the price bomb on me. "I know your website says $100 for the first hour and $70 each hour thereafter. we pay our face painters $70 an hour. So if your happy with that....."
Wanted to say no I'm not good Luck finding someone... But decided $30 loss is better than no job at all that day... So who cares. I let it slide and said "okay but I will be needing payment on arrival." Her response was "sure no problem I'll be there half an hour before you I'll come over and pay you"

So anyways Im driving there and she calls me and let's me know she won't be there till 20 mins after I turn up.... But her hubby is already there and he will sort me out. I get there... Hubby greets me and shows me my spot to set up. No payment. I mention his wife said she would pay me upon arrival. He Hehe she won't be here for an hour, but he will send her over.

So about an hour and a half in she finally comes up to me. But she stands back and watches me for no joke about 10 mins. I don't know who she is as we have never met. Then she introduces herself. "Thanks so much for coming on such short notice hun i really appreciate it. I was in the tavern down the road picking something up half an hour ago and some kids came in with their faces done all frozen like.... Your pretty good hun!" Since I was painting she said "I'll leave you to it hun and I'll come back to sort things out when your not doing faces" .(She meant pay me But didn't say it in front of kids and parents which I understand and was fine to say)

At this stage I'm slightly nervous about it but don't want to insist in front of clients. So smile okay. She comes back half hour later "your doing a great job..do you need a drink or can I refill your water or anything?" No thanks. She watches me work for a few mins more. Let's me know she will come back.

I loose track of time a little and close my line a bit later then I normally would. About 10 mins after I'm supposed to be gone I'm stil doing a couple of faces. She calls my mobile. "How'd you go hun?" I'm still going. "Oh I thought you'd left without coming to see me. I have to pay you!" Umm...no.

So she comes over while I'm on last 2 children. She passes me money. "Thanks so much for today hun, I've given you a little tip." Then proceeds to tell me how she has a regular face painter who she just loves, but who is currently away for the rest of the summer. And how she had been using another lady who had cancelled twice now last minute and is unreliable and a ball buster about money trying to be paid petrol fees even though she comes in their car (I'm thinking whaaat???) and she just doesn't like Her attitude basically... So she says she has about 6 or 7 more jobs coming up and wanted to know if I'd to take them at the same pay rate. I say I'll have to check the dates to see if I'm available I may be able to do some of them. She compliments me on my work again and thanks me profusely and I say to call or text or email me the details and I'll get back to her.

I get home and send her a text thanking her for the tip and asking for the dates.... No response.

A few weeks later.... Nothing. No call... text or email.

So I have a look at her Facebook page (coz she had a lady there taking photos of the bouncy castles and also of me painting faces) and I thought cool I'll be able to share the pics of me face painting.

They hadn't posted any up. And had posted a week after the event a speil for their usual face painter (who is supposed to be away)....

So.... Really really odd experience. I honestly couldn't care less about more work. I am getting Plenty of work at full price for myself no problem. But I am confused at what the neck happened??
Like if she just wanted a last minute one off job (which was fully expected on my side) why start talking about other jobs? No need for it. And if she really did have other jobs...what happened between then and the next day?!

Bizzare experience. I'm thinking it's probably a good thing I'm not working with them again since she sends mixed signals. Thoughts?!

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Re: hired by a party business short notice... weird experience

Post by jlirie on Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:08 pm

maybe the usual face painter didn't end up going away?

and, no, i wouldn't work with someone who didn't keep their word to pay you when they said, or follow up on booking you,or honor your price.

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Re: hired by a party business short notice... weird experience

Post by rthling on Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:14 pm

I don't work with anyone without a written agreement up front. And if they don't stick to it, I don't stick around.

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Re: hired by a party business short notice... weird experience

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