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Restocking my kit.

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Restocking my kit.

Post by SmileyBee Faces on Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:17 am

So my hubby is giving me 350.00 to totally restock my kit. I feel like i'm starting all over again. What would you all recommend?

I want to get a ton of split cakes and one strokes. but I'm thinking maybe I should just get all solid colors and make my own. I'm still so undecided. what is easier for you all?

also I want to invest in a simple airbrush machine to start doing airbrush tattoos but don't know where to start.


Thank you all.
SmileyBee Faces

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Re: Restocking my kit.

Post by Forest-Fairy on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:11 pm

I usually just buy my rainbow cakes outright, but the more popular ones like the neon rainbow and my 'frozen' split cake I simply refill from larger 90oz ones as they wear down.

I like buying the 90oz paints as I can refill my smaller 35oz and 50oz containers from them, as well as make one stroke cakes and split cakes with them and have more room to experiment.

If you are thinking about a brand change, I highly recommend something that is wax based. The ones I personally, think have the best colors and the most variety for split cakes are Tag and Global.

Defiantly pick up a DFX metallic purple! This is becoming a new favorite of mine for outlining girlie designs when I don't want to use black.

If you don't have some already think about getting some stencils. I Love BAM stencils myself.
Here is a write up about some of the ones I have in my kit.

Here is also another blog post of mine about 
My 5 Favorite Things From My Face Painting Kit

And if you are interested in airbrushing, here is a write up I did about different types of air brushes that I have used.
Airbrushes: Gravity Fed VS Siphon Fed

Honestly I could spend $350 just restocking and buying more stuff for my kit in a heartbeat. My advice is to wait on the airbrush kit as it's really more of a specialized thing, and I find it doesn't make the money that face painting does.

Take that money and invest in better things for your setup too. Your own table, chairs, signs, banners, display boards, pop up tent, etc. 

and don't forget books and FABA TV class's!

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