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Face Book Likes

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Face Book Likes

Post by Forest-Fairy on Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:31 pm


I'm glad I never have, because I can't afford it, but now I'm realizing that even if i could afford it, or even if facebook offered it to me for free I would and should NEVER do it.


Here's why.

It pretty much KILLS your page. As explained in the video, the way facebook works is that it only shows your content to a few of your fans who liked your page. If people comment on them, then it will show it to more people (never liked that but that's how it works). So when you buy likes (either from facebook or from click farm sites) your content is being shown to LESS real people who will actually engage with your content! It basically stops in it's tracks! 

Here is a screen cap of some of my competitors stats whom I am following

I'm following many more but this gives you an idea

1. This is Bobby's discount crap. This guy it terrible, he is the worst under cutter in the city. "35/hr face painting" and "get 3 entertainers for the price of one", he also has 20+ fake alias's, see #5? That's also him! And he has several other accounts too! He spams youtube with videos using over 10 different accounts, and outwardly bashes other entertainers. He even sets up fake 'review websites' which he ranks himself high and everyone else low. He also steals google traffic by using other companies names in his advertising "Why hire Linda the Face painter for $100/hr when we are $50/her ?!"
There are a LOT of choice words I can say about this douche-canoe. His page as ZERO engagement and over 1,800 likes, he has like 3 photos up, and never posts.
Those likes were probably bought using a third party.

2. These guys are also under cutting gib-nits, but not as under handed as bobby. They are a larger, more established company and have all the major contracts with sports centers and theme parks in the city. They probably bought their likes through face book. But like bobby, they have zero engagement, and very few posts.

3. Same with this one, only they are smaller then A-Star (f)art Parlor.

4. These guys know enough not to buy their likes, they post lots of content, like kids crafts and lots of other stuff every day, even viral video's. They are also a large company and probably hire some one to manage their FB page. Lots of engagement. (their face painting is still cr@p tho lol)

At least karma is also playing a role in this. Because those cr@p companies just killed their pages with their fake likes lol.

So how do you get your content to your client base? Now, you can tell your fans to click the 'follow' button when they 'like' your page so they will actually see more of your stuff, but most aren't going to. 

The best way to get your page out to more people is to encourage your friends and family to like your stuff and comment, ALL the time. Let them know what it would mean for your content reach and thus your business success!

Also I know some people feel that liking your own stuff is like this

But don't listen to that. It's just bullies looking for something to rag on you about. When it comes to your business - LIKE your own stuff! Even comment on your own stuff. I log in as my personal account and like all my own stuff, I do it for Aryn's account too. Comment on your own stuff too! Think about the comments as 'extra notes' or comments you want to add. ALWAYS reply to a comment on your stuff, even if it's just to say 'thanks'. 

This is how you can help get your content out there to more of the people you want to see it.

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Re: Face Book Likes

Post by Kal on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:13 pm

Great info as always!

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