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Face painting at a Zoo and face paint product

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Face painting at a Zoo and face paint product

Post by VivieArt on Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:26 am

Hello Everyone !
Hope everyone has a great day.
Ok, so here is the situation :
I live in Japan in a little city where face painting is not very known or known the same as abroad yet.
I was looking for new places to do face painting and contacted the municipal zoo to check if they would be interested. I went to an appointment where they explained they were doing one a month like mini hands-on experience for parent and children who try to paint animals on their hands or face. I found out the staff at the zoo is using Chromacryl paint. On the tube it was written non toxic and can be used for face and body painting. They don't know face painting and the actual brands and just googled where they found a website selling this product for face painting. I tried to google face painting on the net in japanese and most of the time I got Chromacryl, Derivan or Miracle paint etc... I know Mehron, Fab, TAG, Kryolan are available in Japan but you have to know where to check so if you are an individual it may be difficult to find.
They also had a mini palette of Kryolan but stopped buying because of the price and change for the tube/liquid type of paint they use for children from 3 to 5 years old. Plus they had stick tube from a brand called Tattoo ink. So I brought the paint i use (Mehron, Snazaroo, Diamond FX, Wolfe, Kryvaline, Silly farm, Global), I printed few explanation i found on the internet (only in english because there was nothing in japanese about the risks, or the difference between acrylic and face paint) translated few parts, talked about ingredients and how it is important to know what you are using, to be aware as a company as there is not insurance related for face painting yet. Only public liability. So my first question is: I would like to know if some of you know about Chromacryl paints and if they are safe to use. I may not know all the different kind of brands so this is why.

Then, they told me that they would like to offer face painting to visitors but they have few staff like the vet of the zoo saying that he doesn't want full faces, like full tiger face, only cheek art size because it would scare or stress the animals (I think they had few animals who reacted badly after some visitors came wearing masks). I would like to know what your thoughts are, if you had that kind of experience while working at a zoo and if there was no problem at all, I am looking for pictures to show them what kind of designs are done. They told me that full face painting is only for Disney or Universal studio not for zoo.

After the appointment I felt that I have to learn more about the ingredients myself to give the best answer.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Face painting at a Zoo and face paint product

Post by fesspenter on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:01 am

While I did not know about the animal stress, as I have never painted at a zoo...
Chromacryl is NOT for painting on, or around a child's mucous membranes.. (eyes, nose, mouth). It is acrylic paint. Contact the manufacturer and see if they are willing to cover any liabilities should a child have a reaction or scarring due to being face painted with their product. I suspect they will not be happy about their product being used on children's faces without a barrier cream. The skin on your face is thinner, and children's blood/brain barrier is not as developed as an adults'.

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Re: Face painting at a Zoo and face paint product

Post by Tineke on Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:25 pm

I'm the regular facepainter for two zoos, and the only thing that Is forbidden is balloon twisting... Because the Kids drop balloons, and animals eat the remains...
The facepaint has never been a problem...

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Re: Face painting at a Zoo and face paint product

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