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Painting on wet paint

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Painting on wet paint

Post by sarahkvotta on Mon May 11, 2015 9:46 pm

hi there,

I struggle with painting quickly for wiggly kids. I'm fairly new to face painting. I think I have a hard time with getting a good base color with solid coverage and then jumping right in with my white just to have my white pick up the base color and smudge everything together. Do you let your base color sit to dry or blow on their face? I feel like I'm not getting good enough coverage on my base color if my sponges are dryer. This is especially true for black kids. Any help here is greatly appreciated. I can do great designs on myself but I give them time to dry and I just don't have that time at events.

Also suggestions for the wiggly kids! I try to ask them to sit still but I don't know that that helps. I'm in the greater Philadelphia area if any friends are as well!

Thank you!


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Re: Painting on wet paint

Post by Forest-Fairy on Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:32 pm

I know this is an old post, but it never got answered, so my answer might help others who are asking these questions. Razz

First of all is to know more about the brand of paint you are using. From the sounds of it, my money would be that you are using glycerin based paint.  

Getting a good opaque base with a glycerin based paint (like Snazaroo, or Mehron etc) can be hard then when using a wax based paint (TAG, Wolfe, DFX etc). I find this is because glycerin paints take a little longer to dry, and are generally a bit thinner. While taking a tiny bit longer to dry can be great for newbies still earning how to blend, if you find yourself wanting to move faster, then you might want to graduate to wax based paints. Another bonus to using was base is you don't have to load up your sponges as much to get the coverage you want.

Another option if you don't want to replace your kit and switch brands, which can be very expensive, is to merely buy a wax based black and white to use as a top layer paint. Wax base goes very well over glycerin base, though not so much the other way around.

Suggestions for wiggly kids, is to make sure you are using a steady chair, and make sure they are sitting correctly. On their bum, feet hanging over, facing you. I also have kids in my chair sit up straight rather then lean back (some times with little little ones, they can lean back their head on the chair to steady them, but i use this only when ABSOLUTELY necessary, because it sucks for my back).

I distract them some times by making sound effects while painting, saying "squish squish squish" while sponging on paint, "dot dot dot" while making dots, and "shwing shwing shwing" for tear drops etc. I'll talk to myself "yup, one more over here, and one of these there." and it distracts them enough with out giving them the motive to respond or talk too much themselves. Some times if i can tell the brush is tickling them, or that what i'm doing 'feels weird' and thus making them move, I'll tell them to wiggle their toes, and breathe. PERFECT distraction.

But you'll find as you go on, you learn to work with the motions of your model, and the minor movements become less of an issue to your work. Smile

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