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Opinions on name/website, etc... combining face painting business with my dad's traditional art

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Opinions on name/website, etc... combining face painting business with my dad's traditional art

Post by Hoodat Whatzit on Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:15 pm

I think it's finally time to pin down the details for a business name/website.

I've said it in previous posts, but my dad is full-time artist who spent years making a living with the airbrush (no I never learned but should have) and painting rides and stuff for carnivals. He's 75 now and off the road (and yes, my parents moved in with me). My dad has always painted oils and worked festivals and art shows from time to time but now that he is not doing the carnival work as much he's painting a lot more and doing more art shows. Sitting with him at art shows where people are buying funnel cakes and popcorn (but no art) and seeing every child walk by with face paint of course led me to remembering my own foray into face painting many moons ago.

Now our idea is to work shows together (two booths, set up side by side). He would have his paintings (lots of landscapes, beach scenes, waves, carousel horses) on his side and in my face painting booth we would also display his kid-oriented paintings. He does murals for children's rooms and nurseries as well...and murals for schools.

I came up with the name Kidazzles Art originally (and have the kidazzlesart.com domain name registered already) but now that I'm at the point where I'm ready to start building my own website, make cards, get insurance and all that I'm having second thoughts. Today I registered just the Kidazzles.com name as well. I've been thinking about whether I should keep us completely separated. I made my dad's website a few years ago ( www.jalacey.com ) and it's easy enough to build him out a page specifically for the children's art that I could just link to from my own face painting website. He keeps selling his kid's paintings out almost as fast as he finishes them... sometimes I don't even get pictures if he takes them to a show. The plan was to build up a stash of them that we would have to display when I started face painting.

To me, the Kidazzles Art name works great if we are always going to market both the face painting and the oil/acrylic paintings that my dad does (Kidazzles Art for Faces and Spaces). But I'm starting to think just Kidazzles is the better route to go so there is more flexibility in the future. Anybody out there combine face painting at festivals with other kid-oriented merchandise? I've been thinking about handmade flower and butterfly/fairy crowns/headbands for the girls that would go great with a glittered up face design but then I wonder if I can come up with anything good for boys as well.

Hoodat Whatzit

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Re: Opinions on name/website, etc... combining face painting business with my dad's traditional art

Post by LittleMonsters on Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:41 pm

I split a vendor tent space with a friend recently - I did great that day with the face painting - I thought she was going to sell more child-oriented items that she made which would have made both of us in the same tent space work very well together - unfortunately she didn't do as well but she also wasn't focusing just on children's items

I also would love to start selling some children's items that would go great with face painting. You don't *need* a full 10x10 space for face painting (depending on your setup, etc) so if you have the extra space, it's great if your father can also use that space for paintings - and this works great for both of you - brings people to both of your talents

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