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Another Floridian here...

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Another Floridian here...

Post by TinaLouise on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:41 pm


New to face painting... I've been practicing for several few months, and am just getting live painting gigs.  I currently work with an entertainment company, and I will tell you it's pretty darn convenient!

I got started in this line of work with balloon twisting a year ago and for now that's still my preferred, but this painting bit is creeping up on me! (like I make an order every month for a few new paints and supplies -- totally addicted!) I also like the idea of combining the two skills for "costumes". (think ninja turtles with balloon shells/weapons, Captain America with his shield, fairies with wands and wings..)

I also seem to have  a bling problem, love, love, love the sparkly things!

I've been lurking a bit on this site, and it's very inspirational! Thanks for existing!
Also, in a few months I'm looking to sail (I live on a 26' sailboat) around the eastern half of America, even visit Canada in the summer.  So I'll be working on getting my own gigs as a travelling painter/balloon twister.  That's not daunting...riiiiight.

So far I'm a Wolfe girl, and this weekend will be putting together some one-strokes. Does anyone have go-to color combos?

Also a single mom of a young boy -- so I have to do all my princess practice on myself!
Think that's about it... for now.


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Re: Another Floridian here...

Post by Forest-Fairy on Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:39 am

welcome to the forum.

Best way to get questions answered here is to start a NEW thread in on of the many sections. Don't be nervous about making new threads (it's perfected to resurrecting old threads and making zombie threads lol) which section is best for your question. If in doubt post in "New to Face Painting" or "General Face Painting". Be as specific as you can with your question and you are likely to get better answers. Catch all questions like "Tell me everything i need to know" are overwhelming to most people and are more likely to be simply passed over. So try to be specific. Smile

Good luck and I hope to be posting on some of your threads soon! Very Happy

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Re: Another Floridian here...

Post by Kris5115 on Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:09 pm

Hi and welcome!

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Re: Another Floridian here...

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